Weekly Newsletter - Just 11 Weeks to Go!

Weekly Newsletter - Just 11 Weeks to Go!


  • Chair's Note - With just 11 weeks to go before the election, we could really use your help.
  • Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting
    • Hal Miller (Utah House District 64)
    • Eric Chase (Utah House District 61)
  • Let the Endorsements Begin
  • Uniting Independents
  • State Fair Nearly Here
  • Last Chance - The Onions Are Marching in Payson! 

Chair's Note

One of the great things about electoral campaigns is the fact they have a fixed end point.  But one of the worst aspects of electoral campaigns is they have an end point. 

How is that?  Campaigns don't drag on forever, which is good.  (They just seem to do that.)  At the same time, you have to get alot done in a short amount of time.

That is so true for our candidates right now!  We have 11 weeks before election day.  That may seem like a long time.  But to a candidate and a party, it is a very short time because there is so much to do. Meeting voters, getting the message out, distributing signs and literature, appearing at meet the candidate events, speaking at house parties, and on and on are the tasks we are doing right now.

However, when other people help, the task can be much less daunting. 

You can help.  


Donate to the United Utah Party.  Go to unitedutah.org/donate and help us support these candidates.  Everything we do is designed to help them get in office and begin to make the difference the nation and Utah sorely need.


Offer to volunteer to do things like make phone calls, distribute literature, put out signs, and so on.  You can volunteer at unitedutah.org/volunteer.  One of the options is to help a candidate's campaign.  We will pass your name and contact information on to the candidate in your area. 


Or if you already know who the candidate is, go to his or her website (which is listed on the party's website) and offer to help out there.

We are working hard to get these candidates elected so they can begin to introduce term limits and campaign finance limits, push for more transparency and ethics in government, work with others to achieve practical solutions rather than partisan rhetoric, and many other good things.

Please don't force them to do this alone.

Help us. 

Let's change Utah and the nation for the better.

- Richard Davis, Chair

Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting

We look this week at two UUP candidates running for the Utah House of Representatives from Utah County:  Hal Miller (House District 64) and Eric Chase (House District 61).  

Hal Miller (Utah House District 64)

Hal Miller is serious about running for the Utah legislature.  To him, the two-party system in Utah County has been a bad recipe for decision making.  He is ready to enter the House deliberations as a member of the United Utah Party -- not to be tied to a party ideology but to be a clear-thinking voice of reason.  Hal will not be taking unflinching positions dictated by a political party.  He will be his own thinking, thoughtful self.  


Hal is running in House District 64, found primarily in southeastern Provo and northern Springville.  He is a 41-year resident Provo with eight children and healthy supply of grandchildren.  


Hal Miller is a bit understated when it comes to talking about his leadership experiences, but Richard Davis knew that Hal would make a terrific legislator -- reflective, deliberative, smart, and deeply thoughtful.  Hal is someone who listens to all sides.  As Hal will tell you:

"I'm asking for your vote, but, in doing so, I am asking you to affirm that there is good reason for a representative who seeks first to listen, then to work tirelessly and without guile to provide smart, forward-looking, and in-this-together decisions. Is politics all about cable news shouting matches? Is it about "my party, right or wrong," or is it about working together to protect what we have as we move into the future?"

And Hal really knows how to serve in the public interest.  He has done plenty already:

  • On the BYU psychology faculty
  • President of Utah National Parks Council of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Member of the Provo City Council, including the chair position
  • President of the Provo Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


If you live in Hal's neck of the woods, you owe it to yourself to get to know him better, put out a yard sign for him, talk him up, and donate to his campaign.  He needs your help.  To learn more, go to www.halforhouse.com.  To listen to his interview on our Uniting Utah channel, click here.  



Eric Chase (Utah House District 61)

Eric Chase is a part of United Utah's youth squad.  Of course, he's not a teenager, and he and his wife are raising two young boys, ages five and two.  But he has that youthful spirit that takes him out on the bicycle trails near his Provo home with the boys in tow.  It brings him some cool energy and joy.  He loves Provo.  

Eric earned a degree in Mechatronics Technologies from UVU.


Eric came out of Alaska 15 years ago to attend school in Utah County, where he met his wife, Elizabeth, who grew up here.  Eric also served a church mission in the Utah Ogden Mission.  (He confirms that his impressive red beard cameafter his mission).  

Eric felt the need to get involved in politics and service at the local level. He is currently serving as the Vice Chair for Provo’s North Park neighborhood. He has helped organize service projects, promoted local non-profit groups, and advocated for his neighborhood on issues that will have an impact on his neighborhood. Last fall Eric and the other central neighborhoods sponsored a debate for Provo Mayor and City Council candidates. He is also currently a project coordinator for the Provo Bicycle Committee. He has learned from these experiences that people who are problem solvers can make a real difference. 

Eric saw too many people running for office unopposed.  That struck him as flat-out wrong and not consistent with good representative government.  It could lead to abuse of power.  He was determined not to let that happen.  


For Eric, educational funding is the king of issues.  The Provo City School District has the lowest starting salaries in the state, making it hard to hire and retain quality teachers.  He wants to see educational funding not so dependent on the property tax because that places an especially hard burden on rural district and those with many tax-exempt property owners.  He wants more funding to come from the state.  

Eric Chase is running for House District 61, right next to Hal Miller's District 64.  


Wouldn't it be great if both Hal and Eric could work side-by-side to bring a new voice for Utah County?  

Eric needs your support.  Please visit his website at https://voteericchase.com.  Help him with donations, put out yards signs for him, and talk him up with your neighbors.  To learn more about him, click here for his Uniting Utah interview.  


To help the party elect our strong candidates, we need you to continue to


Let the Endorsements Begin



The Utah Education Association has endorsed three UUP candidates for the Utah House - Michele Weeks (51), Amy Martz (42), and Stephen Walston (41).


According to the Standard-Examiner, Eric Eliason, UUP candidate running for Congress in Utah's 1st District, is now supported by Kurt Weiland, who previously ran as a Democratic for the post, and Kevin Probasco, who earlier ran as a Republican.  They want him to upend Rob Bishop, the eight-term GOP incumbent.

Uniting Independents


Our executive director, Nils Bergeson, our candidate for Congressional District 1, Eric Eliason for Congress, and our candidate for SD 9, VoteCastagno (Alex Castagno) were in Denver, representing the United Utah Party at the Unite Summit. They joined 250 other independents and other state-based centrist and moderate parties from over 30 states to discuss what is on so many minds across the country - how can we challenge the two-party duopoly on politics, and how can we bring meaningful reform to our electoral system. They spoke on panels to discuss the merits of establishing parties vs. running independent campaigns, how to engage millennials in electoral politics, and more. They met dozens of great, like-minded individuals who share our goals and objectives.  Read a story on this summit in the Washington Examiner.

State Fair Nearly Here


The United Utah Party will be hosting a booth at the Utah State Fair, along with our candidates. We need volunteers to help staff this booth between 6 and 16 September.  Sign up for a shift today!  We need people willing to help.  Click here.  Don't let the pigs and the pies steal the show!


Last Chance - The Onions Are Marching in Payson! 


Have you ever even been in a parade with onions?  Try it.  Don't cry!  Bring a smile.  Volunteer to participate in Payson on Tuesday, 4 September in the Golden Onion Days parade.