Why I Voted For Bennett


by Bruce Lindsay

         I just filled out my mail-in ballot for municipal and bond elections and—because I live in the 3rd District—the special congressional election.

         Throughout my life I’ve made it a point to keep my votes a private matter.  But now I can and believe I must disclose my stand in this consequential race.

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The Case for Jim Bennett

Op-Ed by Vaughn Cook on case for Jim Bennett

in Salt Lake Tribune Oct 22, 2017


Jim Bennett is not burdened with the baggage of dysfunction.

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Giving Utahns a Better Choice

Op-Ed by Richard Davis on United Utah Party

in Deseret News Oct. 19, 2017

Party Chair Explains United Utah Party

We are not another single-issue, ideologically extreme political party. Other parties — Socialist, Green, Constitution, Independent American, Libertarian — fit in that camp. We are different.

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Vote for a Candidate Who Will Take Action

Op-Ed by Jim Bennett

in Daily Herald Oct. 18, 2017

"Congress will keep failing to deliver as long as its members pander in self-interest to the political bases that got them elected."

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The Bible and Utah's Special Election

No, the Good Book won’t tell you how to vote in the special congressional election! But its wisdom does suggest you consider the alternatives before you make a decision.

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How Far We've Come

On Tuesday, United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett was part of the candidate debate on the Doug Wright show on KSL. He joined the Republican and the Democrat.  Jim also will be one of three candidates invited to participate in the Utah Debate Commission event on Wednesday, October 18. Nearly all news stories about the campaign mention the Democrat, the Republican, and the United Utah Party candidate by name. They do not do that for the other party candidates; indeed, the party's names often are not even listed.


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Healing The Great Divide

The divide between Republicans and Democrats is far greater today than are divisions over religion, age or education.

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Another Tragedy

Once again, a horrific tragedy has occurred when someone takes a firearm and kills multiple people in an unexplained rage.  This is not  a uniquely American phenomenon.  However, it is one that seems all too common now in the United States.


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15 Years for Dreamer Citizenship is Too Long

Photo by Amir Farshad Ebrahimi

15 years is a long time. Ask my oldest son, who’s just over halfway there. There’s a good chance he won’t have even completed puberty by the time he turns 15.

More food for thought: 15 years ago, Mitt Romney was managing Utah’s 2002 Winter Olympics. A presidential bid might not have even entered his mind at that time, let alone the prospect of running and losing twice since then. Elizabeth Smart wasn’t yet a household name, Saddam Hussein was alive and well, and the world saw a camera in a phone — a flip phone — for the first time.

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John Curtis and The Wall

On Monday, Third Congressional District candidate John Curtis reminded us why we need the United Utah Party. Curtis posted a Facebook ad calling on Congress to build a wall on the Mexican border. After he got many comments criticizing his ad, Curtis pulled it down and blamed Twitter's format.


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