Richard Davis: Utah needs an independent election commission

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Supporting increased funding for and reform of public education as a vehicle for creating good citizens, preparing Utahns for the future, and improving the economic prospects of all Utah citizens. Favoring significant education funding increases along with accountability from Utah’s education system for its role in educating Utah’s future generations.

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How Long is Enough?

The Great Salt Lake is a foul body of water because that which flows into it never leaves.  It just stays and stays and stagnates.

Sort of reminds you of Congress.


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Time to end disenfranchisement of Utah voters

Late last month the Utah County Clerk admitted his office had made a big mistake. The office had sent GOP primary ballots to 60,000 voters in Utah County who weren’t supposed to receive them. An election was being held but these voters were not allowed to participate.

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Protecting the role of religious belief in public life as well as the constitutional right to free exercise of religious expression for all.


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Environmental Stewardship

Advocating the importance of human stewardship over Utah’s environment that conserves natural resources, promotes renewable energy, and leads to clean air and water to sustain and improve human life.

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Economic Growth

Preserving the free market system as the engine for future economic growth.  However, such economic growth must “raise all boats” and therefore public policy must promote economic opportunity for all, regardless of social and economic class.

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Jim is on the ballot!

Judge David Nuffer ordered the Utah Election Office to place Jim Bennett’s name on the ballot as a candidate for the United Utah Party in the Third Congressional District special election this fall.

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GOP Isn't Listening

If you follow the news and connect the dots it’s easy to see that many current events spring from the fact that the party of Trump isn’t listening.


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David Slayeth Goliath: Judge Nuffer Sided With Us

The ruling finally came.  We are grateful to receive it.  Judge Nuffer told the state to place Jim’s name on the ballot.  We are elated at the news.


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