Op-ed: Republicans, be inclusive, open your primary

Check out this Op-ed piece by United Utah Party Chairman Richard Davis in the Salt Lake Tribune!

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Time to Slay the Gerrymander

“Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.”   That’s how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it as she wrote for the majority in a 2015 Supreme Court decision.


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No Place for Partisanship

crime scene

If your life is in danger you probably don’t care about the politics of the person who comes to your rescue.  But it seems the system does.

Utah’s largest local law enforcement agency is about to get a new leader.  And that leader will be a Democrat, chosen by Democrats.   It’s the law.  All other qualifications aside, the new leader must be a Democrat.

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Officially Register with United Utah Party

Uniters -  You Can Now Register Online with the Utah Elections Office as a United Utah Party Member


How to Register Officially with the United Utah Party

Go to vote.utah.gov.
Click on "Register to Vote"
Follow the prompts.
Under party, click the "United Utah Party."
Also, under "Primary Ballot," click the "United Utah Party."
Make sure to allow the Lt Governor's Office to use your driver's license number for identification purposes. If you do not, you will need to physically go down to a county clerk's office and submit your registration form.

Thanks for joining the ranks of the Uniters and changing Utah politics for the better.   Because We Can Do Better

A Tribute To Kim Burningham

The United Utah Party extends condolences to the family of Kim Burningham, former state legislator and state school board chairman, who died July 7, at age 80. Read more

Tired of partisan extremism and gridlock? Try United Utah

We want to provide a home for the politically homeless. Who are these homeless? They are moderate Republicans, Democrats and independents who are tired of the extremism of the two major parties. We are a party at the center of Utah voters.

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Listen to the Latest Lawsuit Update

Tune in at 9:50 am today to the Doug Wright Show to hear Third Congressional District Candidate Jim Bennett on the lawsuit status on KSL!

United Utah Party Not Afraid to March to the Beat of Its Own Drum

While the Fourth of July commemorates the Declaration of Independence, signed in 1776, the fight is far from over. We must continuously strive to maintain the freedoms for which our forefathers fought so dearly, and remember that this country is far more than the policies and issues that make headlines, but it's about the people themselves. 


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The Choice for "Forward"

In February of this year, I was invited to join an exploratory group that called itself “Citizens for a Moderate Political Alternative”.


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Most Utah Voters Open to Voting for United Utah Policy Candidates

The United Utah Party is barely certified and already it has the potential support of a majority of Utah voters.  According to a new poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates and commissioned by Utah Policy, 63 percent of Utah voters said they were “not very loyal to either major party and would consider voting for a qualified candidate in the [United Utah Party]."

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