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Caucus Night 2020

The United Utah Party will be holding caucuses throughout the state. More information will be coming soon, but in the meantime, mark the date on your calendar!

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Senator Romney's Impeachment Vote

Today, the state of Utah and, indeed, the nation as a whole witnessed a rare act of unparalleled political courage. Senator Mitt Romney’s decision to vote to convict the president on the charge of abuse of power was a powerful reminder that moral courage is sorely lacking in today's political...

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We Need Your Civic Engagement

The legislature has done what it should have done long before—scrap legislation that was not only unpopular but also bad for the citizens of the state. Legislators could have avoided this disaster some time ago had they listened to the voters. But their tone-deafness is as great as their arrogance....

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Reclaiming our Political Power

Last Tuesday evening, the backers of Utah's 2019 Tax Referendum announced that they had gathered 152,000 signatures. Of course, those signatures need to be verified by county clerks, and even if the referendum makes it onto the ballot, the ultimate outcome won't be decided until November. Regardless, some very good...

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Our Mission

The United Utah Party unites all who want to end the extreme partisanship that has corrupted our political conversation. We focus on practical solutions based on common sense and common ground. We are the voice for Utah's Uniters.

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