A note from a Docile Moderate

A note from a Docile Moderate


I did enjoy Jay Evenson's Deseret News Editorial where he wonders whether a bunch of political moderates can muster enough fire to win an election.

It's true, that most of us have day jobs. We go about our business without a lot of noise. We're the ordinary moms wiping noses, and the kids in the band on the back row. We're the guys teaching shop, and the clerks behind the counter. And there are more of us than you think.

Our low key approach is exactly our strength. Moderates tend to be patient and low ego. We don't insist on having it all our own way, but we're persistent. We have the calm to bide our time, and play the long game. Zealots and demagogues make a lot of noise in the short term, but they don't last. Eventually, people get tired of slogans and rhetoric. They just want a little sanity. They want lawmakers that do their homework, work things out, and keep the country running.

Which will make a bigger hole, stick of dynamite or a stream of water? Well you'd pick the dynamite, obviously, until you remember the Grand Canyon. Remember the tortoise and the hare?

It's the moderates that clean up and carry on when the riots peter out. We outlast tea parties, countercultures, red scares, and even civil war. It's the moderate voices, in the end, that stabilize, and compromise, and hold the republic together. We're the ones with shovels after the show horses strut by. We use pitchforks, you know, for what they were made for. We moderates aren't coming for you, we've been here all along.

And our time has come. Again.