Be a Uniter, Even in Quarantine

Be a Uniter, Even in Quarantine

What does it mean to be a Uniter during quarantine when group gatherings are off limits? Being a Uniter means more than being a moderate. It means we are actively taking part in trying to bring the community together. This is something that seems to be rare from the major parties. But we think a Uniter might do some of these things:


A Uniter would be one who is a voice of moderation and reason in the face of panic. When talking about Covid-19, people seem to rush to sides, and use fear and uncertainty to try to persuade people to fear the other side more than their own. However, when we are afraid, the accompanying adrenaline prevents us from thinking clearly. We tend to jump to conclusions and run as far away from the thing we are concerned about as possible. We also tend to see others on the opposing side of the debate as either unintelligent or even at times motivated by secret agendas. In the face of all of this, a Uniter would be one who recognizes the valid points on both sides of the debate, and seeks a compromise that satisfies as many people as possible on both sides.

When staying home and social distancing, you might find that our opportunities to talk politics are reduced to comments on social media. A quick line or two, or posting of an article are good to a point, but it is nice to be able to really discuss topics with a few friends. We’re aware of some Uniters who have been setting up video conferences just for the sake of talking politics with their friends. Not only does this allow for catching up with friends, but it also gives us the opportunity to really discuss everything that is going on and to consider what the best options from here are. During these conversations, it is important to remember that a good conversation of any type is one where listening takes priority over speaking, and that is especially true when talking about politics or any other topic where emotions can run high. 


Lastly, right now is a fantastic time to volunteer. There are many things we Uniters can do to help the community around us. While we are not going to endorse any of those here, a quick internet search, or a social media query will bring them out of the woodwork. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also encourage you to volunteer for the United Utah Party. There is plenty of work to do, and we are largely a volunteer based group. If you believe in our cause, we encourage you to join us, and help us push it forward.


There are many things we cannot or should not be doing during a pandemic, but there is still so much that needs to be done by people like you and me.  Join with us in being a voice of moderation and reason in the community, make time to connect with friends, and to do service. And when we can finally start meeting up in person again, we will be that much closer to each other and to where we want to be.

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