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Newsletter - Make the Difference

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  • Chair's Note - Make the Difference
  • Timely Wisdom for Today
  • Video Training Call for Prospective City Council Candidates
  • Announcing Administrative Assistant Opening
  • County Conventions Coming Soon
  • The Sweetness of Ranked Choice Voting
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Hope for Newly-Elected Utah Republican Leadership

Photo credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Republicans elected new leaders for their party last Saturday. I welcome the new leadership. Service to the community is to be applauded. Also, I have known Derek Brown for several years and respect his commitment to public service.

The new leadership is being portrayed by media reports as "reasonable" Republicans. I hope so. As reasonable Republicans, I urge them to do the following:

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Newsletter - Hope vs. Extremism

  • Chair's Note - Hope vs. Extremism
  • Utah County - Raise Your Voices!
  • Convention Plans
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United Utah Party 2019 State Convention

MIDVALE, UT – On Saturday, May 4, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, the United Utah Party will be holding its State Convention at Mt. Jordan Middle School in Sandy. Doors will open at 9:30 AM. This will be the third state convention for the party, which has been the most successful third party in Utah state election in the past two elections. 

“This will be an organizing convention,” said Richard Davis, the UUP Chair. “We will elect party officers, vote on proposed revisions to the party platform, and discuss party strategy going forward.”

All members of the United Utah Party are designated as delegates to the convention. Party members unable to travel to Sandy will still be able to participate at three different satellite locations in Logan, Vernal, and St. George. Addresses of the locations are available on the front page of the party website,

“We want to provide a stark contrast to the Republicans and Democrats, who only allow a relative handful of people to represent their entire parties at state conventions,” Davis said. “We want to be inclusive as possible.”

Those wanting to participate in the convention are encouraged to email by April 26 in order to verify their party affiliation and register as a delegate and vote.

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NewsLetter - A Prettier Picture


  • Chair's Note - A Prettier Picture
  • Governor Herbert Mostly Disappoints
  • Power of the Center
  • Convention Plan
  • Call for Candidate
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Newsletter - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Chair's Note - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • VETO Voices
  • One to Say YES For
  • Convention Plan
  • Call for Candidates
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A Little Rebellion

“A little rebellion,” Thomas Jefferson wrote, “now and then, is a good thing.” It’s unfortunate that the Utah state legislature lacks such an optimistic view on the matter. This year, the citizenry of our state proposed no less than eight initiatives, four of which made it to the ballot and three of which passed. In a conservative state like Utah, such a wave of direct democracy is unheard of. It was, in short, rebellion on the part of the electorate.

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Newsletter - Moderate Muscle


  • Chair's Note - Moderate Muscle
  • Straight-Party Voting Ban Readies for Senate Vote
  • Bills Attacking Citizen Initiative Process Waiting for Senate Vote
  • Convention Plan
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Newsletter - We Really Can Do Better


  • Chair's Note - We Really Can Do Better
  • Straight-Party Voting Ban Battle Moves to Senate
  • Bills Attack Citizen Initiative Process Itself
  • How to Stop the Industry of Political Contempt
  • Why This Young Unity Party Was Born
  • Convention Plan
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UUP urges the Utah State Senate to reject both bills

The United Utah Party announced its opposition to HB 133 and 135 - two bills recently passed by the Utah House of Representatives that make it more difficult for initiatives to get on the state ballot. 

"These bills place more burdens on initiative gatherers and make it easier for opposing groups to knock off signatures," said Richard Davis, United Utah Party chair.   "Plus they give more time to the legislature to revise or even scuttle initiatives they don't like."

The bills were proposed by Representative Brad Daw (Republican of Orem) and Representative Norm Thurston (Republican of Provo).  They passed the House 50-20 and 50-21 respectively. 

"The lesson legislators have learned from the passage of Propositions 2, 3, and 4 last year is that the initiative process is too easy and should be made harder,” Davis added. "The lesson they should have learned is they need to be more responsive to what the public wants.  That is a lesson they may not ever learn until they get defeated at the polls.

Calling on the State Senate to defeat the bills, the UUP also urged citizens to contact their state senator to express their disapproval before the vote. 

“The legislature wants to ignore the voice of the people,” Davis said. “The people need to use their voice to let them know that’s not acceptable."
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