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Donate Through Your Tax Return

getty-031612-taxrefundcheck1_11300059.jpg Here's another way to make a contribution (at no additional cost to you!) that could help us in our efforts to change politics in Utah! 


Designate the United Utah Party on your state income tax form, above.  You simply put in the letter "U" for United Utah for both Yourself and Spouse. This costs you nothing.  Any contribution you make will not add to the tax due on your return or reduce your refund.

Here's how it works:  You may voluntarily apply $2 of your tax to the Election Campaign Fund to United Utah (or that's $4 for you and your spouse).  Basically, you get to tell the State how to spend $2 of the taxes they get to keep from you by putting it toward a party within the state to help fund election campaigns. 

So, while you can't tell the state how to spend the rest of the taxes they collected from you, you can at least tell them how to spend $2.  And to us, that can make a difference.

Click here for information directly from the Utah State Tax Commission website.

We appreciate your support!



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United Utah Party Candidates Announce in Utah County

image002.jpg(Listed from left to right: Mr. Isaac Walters; Ms. Hillary Stirling; Ms. Teri McCabe; Mr. Eric Chase)

Said United Utah Party Chair Richard Davis,“We are delighted to present the first group of state legislative and local candidates to run on the UUP banner. Each one brings a fresh approach to government. They are young and new to politics and will offer a stark contrast to politicians. We hope voters will learn more about them and the United Utah Party they represent.”

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Meet Eric Eliason


Eric Eliason -- An Optimistic Voice for Utah's Future

As a father of four -- ages 14 to 20 -- Eric approaches this campaign firmly invested in the future of Utah and the country.  He is optimistic we can leave a positive legacy for generations to follow.  

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Meet Jan Garbett


Jan Garbett -- No Stranger to Leadership

native of Salt Lake City, Jan graduated from Granite High then attended BYU for 3 years. After marrying Bryson Garbett, she moved back to Salt Lake and graduated from the University of Utah where she received a B.A. in English.  She and Bryson have 8 children and 7 grandchildren.

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New Congressional Candidates Take Off

Two new United Utah candidates are heading off on a grand adventure toward Congressional seats in Washington.  They announced their candidacies yesterday on the state capitol steps.


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Chair's Note - A Lesson from Lindbergh

Several years ago I visited the Smithsonian in Washington and saw the Spirit of St. Louis, the plane that Charles Lindbergh flew when he made the first solo transatlantic flight. Lindbergh was not expected to achieve this feat. He was an obscure air mail pilot who received far less funding than others competing in the race to be the first. Lindbergh even put up $2000 of his own mail delivery earnings to finance the flight.


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Candidate Announcements


This week will mark important days for United Utah as the first wave of candidates announce their candidacies for county, state, and federal offices.

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United Utah Heroes


Since the forming of the United Utah Party last year, I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people dedicated to public service.  We are most familiar with those who dedicate their time and talents to run for public office.  For me, I have had the rare opportunity of knowing personally the many more people who are working behind the scenes. 

Their reward is not the honors of public office, something they themselves will never hold.  It is not money.  They donate more than they will ever receive.  It is not recognition, which they rarely get.  I have learned these things are not what motivates them.

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Chair's Note - Touring and Recruiting


I went to Logan recently to speak to a town hall and a house party. It was great to meet a group of Cache County residents who are interested in forming a party organization there and bringing the United Utah Party to Logan.   I was told that soon after our meetings, two participants went and immediately re-registered as United Utah Party members!

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Logan Town Hall in the Herald Journal


The Herald Journal wrote a very nice article about the upcoming town hall meeting in Logan, Utah.  Definitely worth the read! 

And if you find yourself in the area, join us at the Whittier Community Center at 11:00am!

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