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  • published Time to Vote in Newsfeed 2020-10-15 11:28:35 -0600

    Time to Vote

    As many of you know, ballots should be arriving soon for Utah residents. For some it will be as soon as this week. For others, it will be later this month. But for each of us, we should make sure to properly fill out the ballots and mail them in as soon as possible. 

    As you know, the United Utah Party has many great candidates to vote for. If you are tired of the duopoly we have here in Utah, if you would like to see real change happen, then you should vote for the United Utah candidates. They will bring some badly needed accountability to our government. 

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  • published It’s time for some new leadership in Newsfeed 2020-09-12 10:25:10 -0600

    It’s time for some new leadership

    It doesn’t take too much time looking at the news to realize that there are a lot of problems in the world. With all of the fires, the protests, riots, disease, and anger, do we really want more of the same leadership come this fall? 


    The fundamental problem is this: Republicans blame the left, and Democrats blame the right, but they both refuse to put their heads together to find any solutions. In this era of hyper partisan politics, it seems everyone is pointing fingers. But what good does pointing fingers do? Blaming the other side does little good to improve our country’s outlook. What we need more than anything are politicians who want to fix this mess and are willing to do so. 

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  • published We Need Political CPR in Newsfeed 2020-09-12 10:19:11 -0600

    We Need Political CPR

    If you are losing heart over the attitudes of many legislators and with local and national partisan divisions, perhaps it’s time for some "CPR"!


    United Utah has emphasized the need for more cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. These are the C's of our CPR. It means worrying more about good policy solutions than glib partisan rhetoric. Compromising to find common ground has resulted in some noteworthy legislation, but these bipartisan efforts are too few and too far between.

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  • published The Goldilocks Solution for Police Violence in Newsfeed 2020-08-30 18:53:16 -0600

    The Goldilocks Solution for Police Violence

    With the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin, it is clear that we need to find a solution. The protests and riots are not likely to go away on their own. So what should the solution be? 


    In the children’s fairy tale, Goldilocks goes through bowls of porridge, chairs, and beds, and discovers that moderation is a good thing. In our scenario, we have one side that wants to bring in troops to try and force people to go home, while the other side has struggled to make adjustments to the police force that are both significant enough to make a difference, and not so repressive that the police force quits. Like Goldilocks, we need moderation here. 

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  • published Power Corrupts in Newsfeed 2020-08-30 18:50:32 -0600

    Power Corrupts

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That quote is attributed to a British politician—Lord Acton. It is still as applicable today as it was when he lived in the 19th century. And it is also just as true in Utah as at the federal level. 

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  • published The Problem With Cancel Culture in Newsfeed 2020-08-30 18:44:35 -0600

    The Problem With Cancel Culture

    We all have disagreements with each other. There are no two people who are identical in their beliefs and thoughts. However, as we gather into liberal and conservative groups, and shut each other down, what do we gain? 


    The excellent book “Crucial Conversations” by Al Switzler, Joseph Grenny, and Ron McMillan would ask what our goals are. If our goals are to persuade people to join our side of the fight, and to win votes, are we doing so by stepping into Cancel Culture or what the book calls “silence or violence”? If we wish to bring voters over to our side, Cancel Culture does not help us. 

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  • published Reopening Schools At Teachers' Expense in Newsfeed 2020-08-14 19:25:37 -0600

    Reopening Schools At Teachers' Expense

    Despite warnings from medical professionals, Utah is pushing forward with reopening schools this fall. Teachers are, yet again, going to bear the brunt of the burden. 


    Utah’s spending per student is the lowest in the Union, and well below the national average for per student spending on schools. This means that teacher salaries are low, and materials and supplies are in short supply. This becomes particularly concerning at times like now when teachers are being asked to go the extra mile for our students.

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  • published Taking the Political High Road in Newsfeed 2020-08-14 19:22:08 -0600

    Taking the Political High Road

    I noted an anniversary a few days ago that relatively few people would remember. It was on August 9, 1974 that Richard Nixon resigned as president of the United States as a result of the Watergate scandal.

    That scandal was a tumultuous moment for our country. A president had been accused of breaking the law—obstructing justice by attempting to cover up a crime. A recording of conversation in the Oval Office uncovered that he had, indeed, broken the law. After a two year investigation by the press, the Senate Watergate Committee, and the House Judiciary Committee, (and a Supreme Court decision), President Nixon finally resigned. President Gerald Ford was correct when he said at his inauguration that day that "our long national nightmare is finally over."

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  • published Patriots Pave a Way Forward in Newsfeed 2020-07-10 10:04:27 -0600

    Patriots Pave a Way Forward

    While celebrating Independence Day with my family, I have a patriotic playlist we listen to. It’s pretty eclectic—from Aaron Copeland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” to “Is Anybody There?” and from the soundtrack of the Broadway play 1776 to Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

    But one song was particularly striking to me this year. It speaks of our nation being on a “long, hard ride” with “a ways to go” as we seek “better days.” It lauds the fact that “we’re not the same, but that’s what makes us strong.” And most importantly, it repeatedly affirms “this is still the place that we all call home.”

    The song is Dierks Bentley's "Home." Ironically, it was written in 2012, a year that seems almost idyllic in retrospect. Eight years later, we’re facing a global pandemic, staggering unemployment, and nationwide protests against racial inequality. We are truly on a long, hard ride with a ways to go. 

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  • published 2020 Elections Donations in Donate 2020-06-17 16:12:39 -0600
  • published What Are We Waiting For? in Newsfeed 2020-06-11 15:19:49 -0600

    What Are We Waiting For?

    All eyes are on the government.

    We are waiting.

    For a change, or a promise, or anything that might signal movement.

    It’s been two and a half weeks since the death of George Floyd. Two and a half weeks of daily protests. Gov. Gary Herbert and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox met with members of Utah’s black community to listen to their stories, and the Governor said that he wanted to see change. 

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    Ed Phillips, who served as one of Utah’s longest-serving sheriffs, is now the United Utah Party candidate for the Millard County Commission. He will be holding a Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, June 17th, at 7:00 PM. 

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  • published No Better Time to Work Towards Unity in Newsfeed 2020-06-04 20:48:36 -0600

    No Better Time to Work Towards Unity

    In last weeks blog post, we spoke about the death of George Floyd and what we could do to push for meaningful change towards better policing and to reduce the suffering of blacks and other people of color in America. Since that time, we have seen little movement for change from our government, either here in Utah or in our country. We’ve seen some politicians show some empathy, but many have shown precious little. We’d like to see our elected political leaders, both local and national, act more like some of these Utah community leaders, who have shown great abilities to work across political and cultural divides, and help where they can.

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    The United Utah Party is saddened by the events of the past week commencing with the tragic and wrongful death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last Monday, but also including the reaction of some that included burning, looting, and vandalizing in a large number of cities across the nation.  We support those who exercised their American right to protest, including marching and demonstrating, in opposition to racism.  We oppose those who took advantage of those protests to cause destruction and hurt the cause of protests against racism.
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    Both Governor Gary Herbert and Republican gubernatorial candidate Thomas Wright are acknowledging that the two had a conversation where the governor urged Wright to drop out of the race and endorse Spencer Cox, who is Herbert’s handpicked successor. The discussion may also have included a promise from the governor that if Wright were to drop out now, Herbert would agree to assist Wright in a race against Senator Mike Lee in 2022. 
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  • published Death of George Floyd in Newsfeed 2020-05-28 14:30:56 -0600

    Death of George Floyd

    On May 25, George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis Police Department. The alleged crime was forgery. The police handcuffed him and put him on the ground where one of the officers began to kneel on his neck. Despite distress signals from Floyd, and despite the protests of those around him, the officer kept his knee on Floyd until an ambulance arrived to take Floyd away. He didn’t have a pulse by the time the ambulance arrived. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

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  • published The Cost of a Quick Deal in Newsfeed 2020-05-21 13:14:32 -0600

    The Cost of a Quick Deal

    During an emergency, certain rules and regulations are relaxed in the office of the Governor in dealing with the emergency. The idea is that it is an emergency, and that they need the ability to move quickly. Minutes matter when dealing with disasters, and Covid-19 is a disaster. However, there is a difference between moving quickly, and making rash decisions. 

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  • Making Sure “Moderate” Doesn’t Mean “Boring”

    Guest Opinion piece by Brent Allsop and Jim Bennett.


    In the recent State Convention, Bruce Lindsay wonderfully clarified a big problem we have with the United Utah Party when he listed synonyms for “moderate,” including “average, middle of the road, mediocre, unbiased, compromising, and boring.” We believe we can create a party that doesn’t match those synonyms. The way to do that is make this a party that directly reflects the consensus of its members.

    To date, all political parties are modeled after traditional hierarchies.  And for thousands of generations, we’ve been bred to only support what the guy at the top of the hierarchy wants.  Anything else is feared and something that needs to be destroyed.  Any group that tries to function without a hierarchy is like “herding cats” and can’t scale.

    But what if it could? 

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  • published Be a Uniter, Even in Quarantine in Newsfeed 2020-05-07 14:07:48 -0600

    Be a Uniter, Even in Quarantine

    What does it mean to be a Uniter during quarantine when group gatherings are off limits? Being a Uniter means more than being a moderate. It means we are actively taking part in trying to bring the community together. This is something that seems to be rare from the major parties. But we think a Uniter might do some of these things:


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  • published 2020 Candidates in About Us 2020-05-05 16:28:17 -0600

    2020 Candidates

    2020 UUP Candidates

    These are the United Utah Party candidates running in 2020. Please visit their individual websites for more detail about each of them.

    State Candidates

    Thomas McNeil

    Congressional District 3

    • Country over party. It's time for a candidate that's free from partisan pressure.
    • It's time for real ideas to solve our pressing problems like the pandemic, health care, immigration, the financial health of Social Security, use of excessive force by the police, and the budget deficit.
    • It's time for real reforms like laws to end gerrymandering and congressional term limits.

    Jonia Broderick

    Congressional District 4

    • It is time to plan and invest in the future by curbing our debt, our healthcare costs, and college student debt, and repairing our infrastructure, and our outdated entitlement programs. 
    • Our government has the obligation to protect the rights and dignity of citizens, immigrants and refugees. Mistreatment of our citizens, immigrants, and the exclusion of refugees can no longer be tolerated, but we cannot accept the notion that open borders is ever a good idea. Ensure all citizens are treated fairly.
    • It is time for government to work in the best interests of all Americans, not just a few. Extreme partisanship in all parts of the government have prevented it from functioning properly for the American people. Common sense reforms will help our government get back to running properly.
    • Jonia left the Republican party because they abandoned their principles. She will bring civility and decency into our discourse, have integrity and a high moral character, have and show respect for all people no matter where they come from, believe or identify, and ensure our nation remains free and true to the Constitution that has guided this country since its founding.

    Brian Fabbi

    Utah State Auditor

    Utah County

    Catherine Eslinger

    House District 59

    • Catherine graduated from BYU with a B.A. in English, followed by an M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
    • Putting her degrees to work, Catherine taught English at BYU, coached judges, prosecutors, and lawyers in China on legal English, and developed language learning software and language testing materials.
    • Catherine has involved herself in a variety of community issues, such as voter registration and voter education and the improvement of Utah’s air quality.
    • Since 2017, Catherine has been one of the Utah chapter leaders of Mormon Women for Ethical Government, a grassroots nonpartisan organization that seeks to inspire women of faith to advocate for ethical government.

    Nils Bergeson

    House District 61 (Provo, Orem)

    • Considers the most important aspect of his life to be his marriage to his wife Emily and being the father of his 4 children.
    • Grew up in Utah and graduated from USU, followed up with a master’s degree in Public Administration.
    • Has spent the bulk of his career (and volunteer work) oversees as a missionary in Russia, a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Romania, and as a personal advisor to six different ambassadors in a multitude of countries.
    • Possesses an impressive community-building skillset, including improving education in Afghanistan, training judges and legislators in Kazakhstan, teaching civics to youth in Romania, working with refugees in Colombia, and increasing trade and economic development in Central and Southeast Asia.
    • Desires to improve the community at home as he did abroad where the rubber meets the road - the campaign trail.

    Kate Walters

    House District 56 (North Utah County)

    • Has been an educator in Utah for 16 years and is currently teaching English in a 3rd grade emersion program.
    • Cherishes her familial connections as a wife, mother, stepmother, and “dog mom”.
    • Professes her passion for the arts, having directed school musicals, taken the stage in community theatre productions, and employed her vocal cords in various singing groups.
    • Values the lessons she teaches her students about character, principles that she believes are not exclusive to children and should be translated to politics as well.
    • Lives as a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where she has served in various capacities including a Spanish speaking mission in Florida.

    Christine Heath

    House District 60 (Orem)

    • Attended Snow College and UVU, earning her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science.
    • Brings to the table 13 years of experience in the insurance industry.
    • Constantly volunteers in the community. Her service focuses on supporting victims of violence and helping the impoverished to achieve self-sufficiency. Examples include volunteering with the Utah County Rape Crisis Team, making blankets for Project Linus, mentoring as an Ally with Circles Utah Valley, ministering at the Utah State Hospital, and serving food at the Food and Care Coalition.
    • She has been involved in local politics for decades and is interested in government reform.

    Emily Bergeson

    Senate District 7 (West Utah County)

    • Graduated from BYU in Business Entrepreneurship and knows by personal experience the challenges faced by small businesses and independent contractors here in Utah.
    • Volunteered in the United States Peace Corps helping children in orphanages, assisting the homeless, and hosting language classes.
    • Focuses on government reform, increasing voter engagement, and improving political dialogue
    • Raises, with her husband Nils, a growing family of four children.

    Chris Rawlins

    House District 6 (Northwest Utah County)

    • Studied History at BYU followed by law school at Georgetown University in Washington D.C, engaging in subjects such as religious liberty and the regulation of energy markets.
    • Returned to Utah to work as in-house council for a local software company.
    • Die-hard Utah Jazz fan & indiscriminate lover of recreational sports – basketball, soccer, volleyball… - if you can supply the group, he’s game to play.
    • Has been married to his wife Lacie for nearly 10 years and they have three beautiful daughters.

    Austin Simcox

    House District 63 (Provo)

    • Pursuing a life-long aspiration of becoming a teacher, Austin left his native Ohio and obtained a degree in teaching social science from BYU in 2018.
    • Austin now works his dream job as a teacher for Walden School of Liberal Arts, where he teaches four subjects. When the final bell rings, he picks up as the after-school coordinator with Boys and Girls Clubs of Utah County.
    • Glimpsing into his home life, he enjoys cooking, reading, video games, and traveling as much as possible.
    • His driving philosophy is the need to prepare future generations for the challenges they will face and pay forward the mentorship he was given.

    Joseph Shelton

    House District 48 (Provo/Orem)



    Salt Lake County

    Ryan Boudwin

    House District 42 (Southwest Salt Lake County)

    • Lives with his wife and three boys in South Jordan where he works as a technical recruiter for an innovative tech company.
    • Shares his struggle with being legally blind and how he learned skills to provide for his family and live a fulfilling life.
    • Aids others in the community experiencing disability as a member of the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) Advisory Council as well as the Governor’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities (GCEPD).
    • Is no stranger to politics from global to local, as a Fulbright alumni with a M.A. in International Relations and many years of local activism.

    Dave Lundgren

    House District 41 (Riverton Bluffdale)

    • Was born in Idaho, lived 8 years in Denver (where he served an LDS mission), and has lived in Salt Lake City ever since.
    • Holds down the fort as a stay-at-home dad with his daughter and is happily married to his wife of 18 years.
    • Has worked many jobs, but his dearest was owning and managing a game store.
    • Has always been politically active, including serving as a precinct chair from 2014-2016.

    Jeff Bardin

    House District 43 (southwest Salt Lake County)

    • Has been married to his wife Pamela for 47 years with three children (one deceased) and four grandchildren.
    • Graduated from BYU with a B. A. in Political Science.
    • Worked 34 years for the Utah Department of Workforce Services in positions including adjudicator, compliance auditor, and program specialist.
    • Has served West Jordan on the city’s Board of Adjustment, General Plan Committee, Design Review Committee.
    • Encourages voters to think “outside the two-party box” and use a third-party vote to catch the attention of office holders.

    Cabot Nelson

    House District 25 (Salt Lake City)

    Adam Bean

    House District 35 (Salt Lake City)

    • Works in construction and maintenance, a path he first embarked upon alongside his father (an excavator) as a teenager.
    • Found satisfaction in keeping our parks tidy while employed by the Parks Department for nearly 7 years.
    • Cares for his grandmother so she can continue to live at home.
    • Loves traversing the winter backcountry through splitboarding, a mix of ski touring and snowboarding. When the snow is sparse, hiking and fishing are other wilderness favorites.
    • Has spent years building up the community in the literal sense but would also like to apply his passion for politics to help people through rational and evidence-based policy.

    John Jackson

    House District 44 (Sandy)

    • Grew up on a farm near Paul, Idaho. The area was the largest homestead project for veterans in the United States.
    • Served a mission to Florida for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    • Served as sports editor at both Ricks College and BYU.
    • President of the chess club. Sometimes played his opponents blindfolded.
    • Ran a one-person newspaper in Castaic, Calif., at the time of the Rodney King riots. Many of the police officers involved lived in the Castaic community.
    • Past president of the Lions Club.
    • Long-time employee at C. R. England, one of the nation’s largest and finest trucking companies; based out of Salt Lake City.

    San Juan County

    Monette Clark

    San Juan County Commission

    • Grew up in Spanish Valley as a proud 4th generation descendant of pioneer ranchers and farmers.
    • Completed a training course in nursing before obtaining a BA in Technical Communication in Denver.
    • Enjoyed a fruitful 40-year career in nursing, public affairs journalism, technical writing for the medical device industry, and management of apartment complexes.
    • Understands the struggle of poverty that many Utahns experience as a single mother who raised her son while earning her college degree.

    Iron County

    Piper Manesse

    House District 72 (Iron County)

    • Piper’s interest in politics blossomed early. In high school she attended Girl’s State and Girl’s Nation.
    • While studying law at BYU, Piper met her husband Lance. They have made Utah their home ever since.
    • To offset school costs (and for adventure), Piper joined the U.S. Army Reserve. This foray led to 20 years of life learning where she attained senior paralegal/court reporter Sergeant First Class before retiring.
    • Piper also became a mother of three boys along the way, which taught her all kinds of things, especially patience and fixing broken furniture.
    • Piper’s observation of her boys’ education acquainted her with the unique educational challenges that Utah faces, such as large class sizes and teacher shortages.

    Sanpete and Juab Counties

    Larry Smith

    Sanpete County Commission

    • Graduated from BYU with a BS in Physics and Math and from the University of Texas with a PhD in Science Education.
    • Swapped his graduate robes for a classroom of his own at Snow College where he has served as department chair, Dean of Natural Science and Mathematics, and other noteworthy positions.
    • Delights youth groups with star shows at the Snow College Planetarium, where he is the director.
    • Is married to Holly Ann Smith and has five children, whom he considers his top priority and source of joy.

    Homer Morrill

    House District 58 (San Pete and Juab County)

    Millard County

    Ed Phillips

    Millard County Commission

    • Rolled up his sleeves and entered the construction industry where he worked projects in several western states, primarily as a supervisor.
    • Took up law enforcement in his mid-30’s, a defining career move that saw him elected as Sheriff of Millard County for seven terms (28 years).
    • Spent 13 years in the US Army Utah National Guard and graduated from the FBI National Academy.
    • Served as President of the Western States Sheriffs Association, as a member on the Board of Directors of the National Sheriffs Association, and 2 years as Deputy Commissioner for the Utah Department of Public Safety.



    Davis County

    Ammon Gruwell

    House District 15 (North Davis County)

    • Inherited an interest in political issues at a young age from a history-loving father and a politically involved mother.
    • A native Utahn that has put down roots in Layton with his wife and three sons.
    • Graduated from BYU and now works as an Electrical Engineer for L3Harris Technologies.
    • Has promoted various political causes, including Evan McMullin’s 2016 campaign, RepresentUs, Stand Up Republic, and efforts to implement Ranked Choice Voting and Independent Redistricting.
    • Enjoys distance running, reading good books, and playing with his sons.

    Davis and Weber Counties

    Shawn Ferriola

    House District 12 (Davis and Weber)

    • Let’s work together to ensure our children are safe, our families are strengthened, and our communities thrive.
    • We Protect Children by investing in their education and advocating for our children’s safety and rights.
    • We Strengthen Families by creating access to affordable and sustainable housing, breaking the cycles of generational poverty, and provide support to parents in helping them raise the future generation.
    • We Build Thriving Communities by working with local leaders and businesses to help provide city and job growth and provide the infrastructure needed to sustain that growth.

    Weber and Box Elder Counties

    Tanner Greenhalgh

    House District 29 (Box Elder and Weber County)

    • Hails from Brigham City where he currently resides.
    • Became interested in the political process early in life and has desired to dive in ever since.
    • Graduated from SUU in 2019 with a BS in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies.
    • Finds fulfillment in Utah’s wild beauty through hunting, fishing, and camping.