Candidate Outreach 2020

As you know, many Utahns have become quite frustrated with the current political atmosphere in Utah and the country as a whole. The tax reform bill, in addition to other policy areas (medical marijuana, Medicaid expansion, education funding, etc.) has demonstrated how out of touch our representatives are with us, their constituents.


We need to replace our legislators with people who will listen. We need representatives who will actually represent. 


Would you be one of those people? We need you to consider running for the state legislature, state school board, or the county commission. 


As an active candidate, you can help us replace those incumbents who are not listening and help us raise awareness for the party as a new moderate alternative. Running may be out of your comfort zone. But we can help train you and provide other services to you as a candidate. 


If you do not have the time to walk and actively campaign, even as a less active candidate, you can help by giving voters another alternative and building support for the party. 


Please email us at [email protected] and let us know if you would be able to help us in one of those capacities. We are seeing increasing support for the UUP. This election will be critical in our growth. Help us provide the new practical alternative Utah voters want. We need your help.

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