Candidates - 2023

We have two candidates running for the UUP nomination for the 2nd Congressional District. One will be selected by convention delegates to advance to the special election ballot.  


January Walker

[email protected]

January Walker

In 2022 January put the United Utah Party on the map not just across the United States but to listeners around the world with her message of unity and hope. People across party lines were drawn to hearing logical and non-inflammatory solutions to problems facing Americans today.

By selecting January Walker as the congressional nominee for the United Utah Party you are voting for the following three pillars.

  1. Government powered through SOLUTIONS + INNOVATION to bring efficiency, responsibility, & trust to USA leadership.
  2. A ECONOMY + FINANCE champion. January is passionate about driving down inflation easing the economic burden of unaffordable housing, petrol, & groceries.
  3. January is a PEOPLE-CENTRIC candidate. She will always put you first over her own interests & cultivate solutions that drive transparency in government.

She pulls from her proven leadership experience as a Director of Product Management leading teams to create products that have grossed $100M+. With her trademark dedication she is know for working hard and is not afraid to tackle tough problems. She is always willing to roll with the punches and, where others let their emotions get the better of them, keeps a cool head in critical situations. She is a key player, and you'll always find her leading from the front and contributing at crucial moments with any problem.

January is excited to continue building the voice of reason in politics and inspiring more people to set aside the partisan divide of the warring tribes. She thanks you for this second opportunity to represent the United Utah Party.



Stone Fonua

Stone Fonua


  • AS Degree in Paralegal
  • AS & BA Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Law Studies at SLCC, Weber State & U of U
  • Retired State Police SLCC & U of U PD
  • Volunteer, “America Reads”, the homeless shelter,
  • And Utah Food Bank.
  • Speak English, Tongan, and Paquito Spanish


My Name is Stone Fonua, I am running for the Utah’s 2nd Congressional District Special Election, 2023 to Legislate Funding Without Using Taxpayer’s Money.

My Goal is to Legislate Funding for Every U.S. American Individual Making less than $150K Annually. Just like Welfare and Food Stamps, Low-income housing, etc., you must qualify for this Legislative Collateral Loan Program without using Taxpayers Money. Furthermore, Every Small Businesses that needs this Legislative Collateral Loan Program of $1.M. without using Taxpayers Money that can be used as a Back-up and a Saving under Legislative Statues, Policy, and Procedure under the Small Businesses of America. All Loans are set under Laws and Regulations with an interest rate of 0.001%. All Loans are within a Category. And for every new program there shall be a Pilot Period to cut red tape.

Examples: A $250K Loan Shall be a Payment of $250 Monthly; a $500K would be $500 Mthly. A $750K would be $750 Monthly, and a One Million Dollar Loan would be $1,000 Monthly.

There is no Money Exchanged, Just a Voucher to pay off your home, auto, school loans. Benefits of this program would include auto Insurance as $10 a Month. Healthcare Insurance as $25 a Month. The Program is also set up to pay in full pass debts, current and some future debts. The reason for this Program is to eliminate inflated cost of House and Auto Payments and not live paycheck to paycheck. Funding Teachers, Peace Officers, & Fire Fighters etc. Contact information: [email protected] or [email protected]


To learn more about the special convention and how to participate, please RSVP.

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