Candidates Worth Supporting

Candidates Worth Supporting


As I talk with various "movers and shakers" about the United Utah Party, I tell them about how we started, what we stand for, and what we plan to do in 2018.  But I find these people are particularly interested in our candidates.  It is a pleasure to be able to introduce our candidates to them.


I want to salute our candidates.  They, along with Jim Bennett, are the pioneers of our party.   Each of them is willing to join a brand new party (not even a year old) and become the standard bearer for that party in his or her district.  Each of them is ready to stand up and explain what this new party is, why it is sorely needed in our political system, and why they are running on this ticket rather than as a Republican or a Democrat. 


This is not an easy path. Many can only see the world through the partisan prism of Republican or Democrat.  (In Utah, mainly Republican.)   Many people who agree with us are still skeptical that a new party can succeed.   Our candidates will be confronting a mixture of hostility and skepticism.


I am happy to report that our candidates are melting that skepticism.  When people see the caliber of the people who are running for office on our party ticket, they are favorably impressed.  One such "mover and shaker" told me yesterday that he felt our party was useless six months ago, but after Jim's electoral performance last fall and our candidate recruitment effort this year he does not feel that way.  He said he believed that he would be endorsing several of our candidates this year.


These candidates are devoting valuable resources - both time and money - to appear at events, participate in debates, and even walk door to door to spread the message about themselves as well as about this new party on the scene.  It is a daunting task to educate the populace (many of whom are unaware that we exist) of the United Utah Party.   I applaud our candidates for their courage in doing that.


These candidates need our help in return.  They need our support.  Please go to the party website and look up the candidates.  There is a link on the top right hand side of the main page to a listing of candidates and contact information for them. (Also, many of the candidate photos here are linked to their websites.)

If there is someone in your area, contact them and offer your support.  Be a precinct chair in your area.  Donate money to them to help them succeed.  Offer your time to hand out literature, put up signs, talk to neighbors.  If they are not in your area, donate to the party and you can help them indirectly.

Nineteen people alone cannot win elections.  However, those 19 people supported by hundreds of others can do so.  We all can make the difference.  We all can make history!

- Richard Davis, Chair