Chair's Note— Back with a Bang!

Chair's Note— Back with a Bang!

Between the omicron variant, the disarray caused by redistricting, and an abruptly-shortened candidate recruiting season, we took a brief hiatus with the newsletter. But the good news is that we’re back and with a bang!

I’m pleased to announce that we have a slate of 24 candidates running with the United Utah Party this year.

Every Utah voter will have at least one UUP candidate on their ballot this November, and the majority of Utahns will have more than one. We have one statewide candidate, two Congressional candidates, four county-level candidates, twelve candidates running for the state House of Representatives, and five candidates running for the state Senate. These candidates’ districts range from Davis County in the north to Kane and Washington Counties in the south. Across the state, we are building and expanding moderates’ influence.


Some races of particular interest are the two Congressional races, where we have Jay McFarland running for Chris Stewart’s seat in the 2nd District and January Walker running for Burgess Owens’ seat in the 4th District.


Another noteworthy race is in State Senate District 7, where Kimberly Wagner is challenging Utah Senate President Stuart Adams. Our candidates for both Sanpete County (Leon Day) and Millard County (Jonathan Munoz) are running for county commissioner seats where Uniters previously ran, building on the foundation laid in 2020. And while it’s “only” a county race, our Salt Lake County Auditor candidate David Muir has one of the largest constituencies in the state (even bigger than a Congressional District).

These are some significant races!

You can find a complete list of candidates and their races below, along with some links where you can look up your new districts to see which Uniters will be on your ballot. (The candidates’ websites and campaign contact information will follow in the next newsletter.)


Between now and April 16th, we will be holding state and county conventions to formally nominate these candidates. You can find more information about these conventions on the calendar page of our website.  Every registered Uniter is a delegate because we value your voice and perspective. I encourage you to attend your UUP conventions and meet these candidates there!

As a dynamic and growing political party, running candidates is the most important thing we do. As a Uniter, your efforts can help propel these candidates into office. This is an exciting time in Utah politics, and I encourage you to get involved!


 —Hillary Stirling, Party Chair


UUP Candidates

2022 District # Geographical Area Candidate
CD 2 SL/West/South Jay MacFarland
CD 4 SL/Utah/Sanpete January Walker
Commissioner Sanpete Leon Day
County Auditor SL County David Muir
County Commission Millard County Jonathan Munoz
County Council Salt Lake Co. District 3 Kerry Soelberg
HD 15 Layton/Kaysville/Syracuse Ammon Gruwell
HD 23 Salt Lake Cabot Nelson
HD 30 Salt Lake Evan Rodgers
HD 32 Salt Lake Adam Bean
HD 40 Murray (SL) Tim Loftis
HD 42 Salt Lake David Jack
HD 46 Draper (SL) Ladd Johnson
HD 47 Riverton (SL) Dave Lundgren
HD 54 North Utah County Drew Matishen
HD 64 South Utah County Alan Wessman
HD 70 Iron County Zeno Parry
HD 71 Iron County Piper Manesse
SD 14 Salt Lake Dennis Roach
SD 18 Salt Lake/Utah Jed Nordfelt
SD 19 Draper Tyler Petersen
SD 28 Iron County Patricia Bradford
SD 7 Layton/Kaysville/Farmington Kimberly Wagner
State Treasurer Statewide T. Alan Thorne
You can find out which districts you live in at the following links: US House Districts

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