Chair's Note - UUP a Place for Moderates, Pass It On

Chair's Note - UUP a Place for Moderates, Pass It On

Thank you so much to those who have helped us with our fundraising blitz.  We are nearly 3/4 of the way there.  Our goal is $20,000 by July 24.  Then, we can launch a social media blitz that will raise awareness of the United Utah Party among your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  If you haven't already, please donate!

Recently, well-meaning people have been telling us that we should join a major party (primarily the Republicans) where we can moderate one of the two major parties.  In fact, they say the Republican Party already is moderating.  So, we would be welcome.

Actually, we should be flattered.  That means they are worried about what kind of impact we will have on policy.  That means they fear our candidates will do well.  They worry we will draw people away from the extremist parties by our practical, common sense approach.  And that might mean they would lose.  

The reality is they are imaging a trend that is not happening.  The two major parties in Utah are dominated by activists who are extremists.  They retain a strong influence within these parties.  And the remaining moderates in those parties are continually fighting with the extremists.  Moreover, the moderates who run for office in those parties must move to the extremes themselves in order to satisfy those extremists who vote in conventions and primaries. 

People who join the United Utah Party do not have to fight with extremists.  The UUP is a moderate party to begin with.  Rather than the bitter fights over position and policy I have seen in both major parties, we settle differences amicably.  For example, during one recent county leadership election, candidates running for leadership positions said they would be happy to serve wherever and that they would not be offended if they were not elected to a particular office.  How often do you see that in leadership contests in either of the major parties?

Please pass this newsletter or the web link on to others you know who are tired of the infighting of extremist parties and want to be involved with practical, reasonable people.  Let them know they have a home in the UUP.