Change From the Ground Up

Change From the Ground Up

Understandably, in presidential election years the race for the presidency gets more attention from voters than races for state and local office. That applies to United Utah Party members as well. And it has led to some members suggesting that the party should be a national party and not just a local one. 

There is nothing that would please me more than to have a national center third party that would draw from the majority of Americans who view themselves as more moderate and force the two major parties to hew to the center to get them back. I hope that such a party can exist and we might be able to help bring it about.


But American history is littered with the wreckage of third parties that failed to gain traction because they undertook a top down approach. A single figure—Teddy Roosevelt, George Wallace, Ross Perot, etc.—launched a bid for president by forming a third party. That party got a lot of attention but then failed because it lacked the infrastructure needed to sustain a political party. Not surprisingly, it petered out before too long. 

We don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Instead, we are instituting a bottom up political party. We are starting at a small, local level with the hope that we can work up. We start by electing county commissioners and state legislators, not presidents. 


But that means we need to win at the local level. It may not be as exciting to get a county commissioner or state legislator elected, as it would a president. However, it is more doable and it is the first step in a long term strategy. 

So, what can you do to help push forward that long term strategy?

Help a candidate in your area or near you. A list of candidates with their areas is below.

Volunteer to be a legislative district chair or a precinct chair, particularly if there is a candidate in your area.  He or she will need your help. Go here to volunteer.

Donate to the party.  Our resources are going to help candidates in various ways. Go here to donate.

Will we become a national moderate party overnight?  No. Can we achieve it over time if we prove we can win in Utah? Yes. 



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