Weekly Newsletter - Come to the Fair

Weekly Newsletter - Come to the Fair

In this edition of the newsletter find out more about the upcoming fairs and consider getting involved!  Also, get to know one of our candidates running for Utah House District 51 - Michele Weeks!


  • Chair's Note
  • Still Some Good Parades Left! - Don't Miss Out
  • Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting
    • Michele Weeks (Utah House District 51)
  • Our Summer Survey


Chair's Note

Many people will be heading off to county fairs this month, and the state fair next month.  They will stare at the livestock exhibitions, try out the carnival rides, and probably get a little sick from eating hot dogs and cotton candy while navigating the crowds in the heat!  Yet, they will go there to have a lot of fun.

In four counties (Cache, Weber, Davis, and Utah) and at the state fair, they also will get to know more about the United Utah Party.  That's because the Party will have booths at these fairs where volunteers will hand out literature and answer questions about the Party.  Two of our volunteers - Catherine Eslinger and Jennifer Bryson - are reserving the spaces, setting up the booths, buying the decorations, creating games for passers-by to enjoy, and organizing the volunteers to staff the booths.

Will you help them?  If you could give 3-4 hours of your time during the fair weekend, they (and I) would be most appreciative.  You don't have to know all the answers about the Party.  You can just hand people literature that includes the platform and help them play the games.  If they have more questions you can't answer, you can simply direct them to the website. 

I did this last year at the Salt Lake County fair and it was a good opportunity to have conversations with people and let them know about the Party.  This year, many of the candidates will be at the booths, so this will be a good opportunity for volunteers to meet them. 

Here are the fair dates:

  • Cache -   August 9-11
  • Weber -  August 8-11
  • Davis -   August 15-18
  • Utah -    August 15-18
  • State -   September 6-16  (we will not be there every day)

To volunteer, go to https://www.unitedutah.org/county_fair_volunteers

Thank you for donating your time so others can learn about our message and find the alternative they are looking for!

- Richard Davis, Chair


Still Some Good Parades Left!  Don't Miss Out


Have you ever even been in a parade.  It'll be fun.  Try it.  Costumes not necessary.  Bring a smile.  Volunteer to participate.  

The upcoming parades:

Sat, 11 Aug Old West Days Bluffdale
Mon, 20 Aug Tomato Days Hooper
Tue, 4 Sep Golden Onion Days Payson
Sat, 8 Sep Peach Days Brigham City

Great Candidates YOU Are Supporting

Michele Weeks (Utah House District 51)

When Geneva Rock told Michele Weeks and the other members of the Draper City Council that they should rezone 70 acres the City to allow the removal of rock for the manufacture of concrete, Michele pushed back.  Not only would that change the City's long-term plan but it would create the potential for more bad air in the area.  Geneva Rock pushed harder, threatening to take the matter to the state legislature to override a city's zoning decision. 

Enter now Michele Weeks, candidate for the Utah legislature in House District 51, which serves primarily the Draper area.   


Although Michele really enjoys serving the people of Draper at the local level, she wants to be on capital hill if business interests try to use their political connections in the legislature to the detriment of cities and their people, like her folks in Draper.  Just as the federal government should not take power from the states, the state government should not take basic governing power from the cities, she strongly believes. Even if nobody else will fight back, Michele will.  

Michele believes that whatever happens in the legislature should be only in the interest of the people -- not political parties.  Get to know this proponent of centrist, problem-solving, reformist, grass-root government.  Click here.  


One of Michele's key issues is supporting education.  In her own words:

Our teachers in Utah are some of the hardest working, underpaid educators in the nation. I have seen the challenges facing public school teachers with books and supply shortages, large class sizes, and state-imposed curriculum demands. Because of these underappreciated teachers, I found a way to recognize these people with the Utah Teacher Appreciation Event at the Loveland Aquarium. In May 2016 we invited teachers and their families, approximately 900 people, for an evening of dinner, door prizes, recognition, and exclusive access to the aquarium. This appreciation night, which will be an annual tradition, has been an effective way of showing teachers how much citizens appreciate the hard work they do.


Michele is not afraid to take unique positions.  (She recently proposed term limits for her Draper city council seats.)  And she is not afraid to hear from constituents.  She is presently going door-to-door to hear what the people in Draper environment want.  She is a people person who believes that she can really learn from those she serves.  

Keep your eye on this United Utah dynamo.  To learn more about her, go to micheleweeks.com.  

To help the party to elect our strong candidates, we need you to continue to


Our Summer Survey

Please click here to take our summer survey!  If you do, prizes just might come your way!  The last drawing is 20 August.