When the Line Becomes an Open Range

I knew the Republican Party was moving away from me years ago. I looked at other options and although I found wonderful people, the party line didn't quite feel right. I found myself in the gap of the major political parties, sometimes voting for candidates of one, other times, another.

Meanwhile, the gap kept widening, becoming a chasm. 

It was during the 2016 campaign that I realized the partisan gap wasn't no longer a chasm, a space you could shout across. It was a wide open range. And I wasn't the only one watching the tumbleweeds blow across it. One after another, I heard people voice sadness that they no longer felt they had a political home.

United Utah became a breath of fresh air to me. I want to believe that people can find practical solutions through compromise, civil discussion, and cooperation. United Utah is now the only political party that allows and even encourages this action.

I support United Utah Party because it allows an elected official to become more than a politician. It allows an elected official to become a statesman. 

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