Election Results

Election Results

What an election night! Our excellent candidates, along with their staff and volunteers, worked hard for months to give Utah voters a viable alternative to divisive and extreme politics. I personally and the party as a whole are grateful for their service, dedication, and willingness to step up and represent. While we would have loved to see all of those candidates bring home that magical “50% plus one,” we are that much closer to achieving victory thanks to their efforts.

The election results won’t be certified for another two weeks, but there are two races in particular I’d like to highlight: the Millard County Commissioner race, where Johny Munoz ran for us, and the Salt Lake County Auditor race, where David Muir ran for us. As of this newsletter, both of our Uniters have earned more than 43% of the vote in these races!

This is noteworthy for several reasons. First, this election marks the first time a UUP candidate has cleared 40% of the vote in any race. That we could do it not once but twice this year is thrilling! These are not “minor party” numbers but indicate the genuine viability of our candidates.


Second, these were two very different races in two very different places. David Muir’s district of Salt Lake County was bigger than any of the four Congressional districts in the state and included a large number of left-leaning voters. Johny Munoz’s district of Millard County was more rural and is still proudly “Trump country.” For us to perform that well in two places that are so very different highlights the broad appeal of our message, approach, and candidates.

Which brings me to the third reason this is a historic election: it shows our approach is a winning one. It takes time, grit, and a commitment to each other, our state, and our nation, but we are moving the needle in quantifiable ways. Momentum is building for the “mighty moderates.” Our voice and perspective have been too-long absent from state and national politics. The work we do in the coming two years could very well be what lifts our 2024 candidates to win. It’s our moment, and you are needed. Together, let’s make Utah even better!


 —Hillary Stirling, Party Chair

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