Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

We wish you a happy holiday season.  This is the time of year when old animosities often dissolve, people think of what they can do for others, and, particularly for Christians, thoughts turn to the birth of Jesus Christ.


And as a new year begins, it is time for reflection.   This has been an exciting year for the United Utah Party.  We are not yet one year old and yet we have shown that we are not just another minor party.  Many people have appreciated our message of discarding the extremism of the current political parties, seeking practical solutions, and finding common ground.

Utah can be a model of positive reform of our political system to let citizens back into their own government.  We can show the way towards working together across partisan and ideological lines.  Utahns have that opportunity in the United Utah Party.

Feel free to share the the message of the United Utah Party with friends and family. 

May you have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.