How We Respond to Bad News

How We Respond to Bad News

Checking the headlines lately has left me feeling saddened and even frustrated. Yes, we are in extraordinary times, but on the other hand, there has always been bad news. What matters is how we respond to it.


We face legitimately big problems, but we’ve tackled big problems in the past as a state and as a nation. What’s different is that our response to these challenges has been increasingly divided and distrustful. That’s not sustainable, but fortunately, there is another way.

The United Utah Party offers civility in times of anger, unity in times of division, and practical solutions in times of unproductive extremism.


As individuals there are many things we can do in our own personal spheres to help heal the rifts that divide us. But our power to be bridge-builders, peacemakers, and true Uniters is tremendously amplified when we work together. That’s why the United Utah Party exists. That’s why we are needed. And we need you.

As a party, we’re continuing our work, despite the extraordinary times we face. Census data is finally available and the legislative process of redistricting is moving forward; we are actively working to be part of that conversation. (If you want to get involved, too, go to the volunteer page on the United Utah website and let us know in the comment section that you’re interested in redistricting.) We have an Issues Summit coming up on September 18th, and the party’s county conventions will be held throughout the autumn months.


As we make these plans, we’re aware they might need to be modified, but time is rolling on and we will, too. Putting one step in front of the other, we are determined to keep moving forward until the change we are working toward becomes reality.

Is it hard work? Absolutely! But it is unquestionably worth it. Please join us in helping to build a better Utah!


 —Hillary Stirling, Party Chair

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