It’s time for some new leadership

It’s time for some new leadership

It doesn’t take too much time looking at the news to realize that there are a lot of problems in the world. With all of the fires, the protests, riots, disease, and anger, do we really want more of the same leadership come this fall? 


The fundamental problem is this: Republicans blame the left, and Democrats blame the right, but they both refuse to put their heads together to find any solutions. In this era of hyper partisan politics, it seems everyone is pointing fingers. But what good does pointing fingers do? Blaming the other side does little good to improve our country’s outlook. What we need more than anything are politicians who want to fix this mess and are willing to do so. 

We have politicians who have been in office for decades. The Utah legislature has repeated overturned voter referendums, with little to no concern for what their constituents want. Lobbyists and party leaders have more sway over what the Utah government does than we the people have. Thomas Jefferson said that the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. If so, shouldn’t the government be more concerned about what the people want than what party leaders, or the wealthy donors want? 


Let’s give the old guard a rest, and give some new folks a chance. The United Utah candidates are talented, energetic folks with a passion for good governance. They will fight for the citizens of Utah, and to make improvements to how our government runs. It’s time we vote for a United Utah.

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