January Walker Announces Candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives with United Utah Party

January Walker Announces Candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives with United Utah Party

Businesswoman and cybersecurity professional January Walker announced today that she will run for U.S. House of Representatives in the 4th Congressional District with the United Utah Party. “Utah is the youngest state in the nation and deserves to have a seat at the table that’s representative of them in both age and technological expertise,” says January.


In 2021, January set out on a Listening Campaign across the state to find what issues were most important to Utahns of all ages, political affiliations, and cultures. “At the end of the day, constituents told me that they want someone who cares, who displays real leadership, who engages with them, and who makes meaningful progress towards delivering on campaign promises,” January says. “They want someone who will actually lead a discussion of solutions, not just throw sound bites at the other side.” Voters want leaders to take action on real issues like air quality, affordable housing, and work-life balance. “The political climate we’ve been handed doesn’t need to be perpetuated. My vision as a legislator is to keep a strong pulse on the needs of my constituents and take action in their best interests… It doesn’t serve us to focus on manufactured tribalism in politics.”

January stepped away from the major political parties to run with the United Utah Party so she could focus on the needs of the people instead of a party-driven agenda. The UUP is an alternative to the extremes of the current two-party system and is excited to have January as a candidate. “January is a solutions-driven individual who really focuses on what people need,” says Hillary Stirling. “She is a perfect fit with the UUP’s mission to put people before partisanship. We’re thrilled to have her as a candidate.”

January’s professional career in product management is based on listening to customers and providing products that are what they need. She intends to put those same skills to work meeting the needs of her constituents. “We can’t solve the problems Utah faces by going backwards,” says January. “We need to look forward and work together.”

For information about January Walker's campaign, please visit https://www.januaryforutah.com.

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