July 2018 Fundraising Blitz

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Dear Supporters!

In a recent poll we found that when Utah voters know about our party and what we stand for, MORE THAN 70% SAY THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO VOTE FOR OUR CANDIDATES!

What this shows us is that our message, once received, is resonating in a BIG way!

However, the same poll showed that a vast majority of Utah voters still have not heard of our party, or if they've heard of us, they don't know much about us.

The only way for us to remedy this problem is to get our name and message out there. For that reason, we are planning a strategic advertising blitz in the weeks prior to the 2018 elections. This will include strategically-targeted social media advertising that will help inform 500,000 Utah voters about us!

In total, we will need $20,000 to successfully run this campaign. The following generous donors have already helped us in working toward that goal:

Vaughn Cook - $4000

Jim Brown - $2500

Silent Auction - $1577

Richard Davis - $1200

Lora Beth Brown - $1000

R. Chris Fee - $1000

Dave Jack - $1000

Hal Miller - $1000

Utah Education Association - $750

Nils and Emily Bergeson - $500

David Westerby - $400

D. Lynn Sorenson - $100

Tim Rushton - $100

Benjamin Everitt - $100

Garth Sorenson - $100

Angela Dixon - $75

Paul Stephens - $50

Rulon England - $50

Vik Arnold - $50

Roger Mann - $50

BJ Taylor - $50

Robert Peck - $40

Elizabeth Lucas - $25

Benjamin Brimhall - $25

Don Olsen - $25

Christine Heath - $20

Calene Van Noy - $10

Multiple Other Donors - $2700

If you contribute as well to match their donations, we'll put your name up here too!

We are very grateful to these pioneering donors who believe in our message. Now, we're asking the rest of you to help us match this goal. Keep visiting this page to see the thermometer and our progress.

Our goal is to raise the $20,000 by July 24th. 

Thank you in advance for your donations! By contributing to this cause, you're helping give Utahn's a real chance to say "No More!" to divisive, hyper-partisan, and corrupt politics. You will be helping the people of Utah have a choice for the first time in a long time.

To contribute click HERE.