Leadership Candidates

Party Leadership Candidates


Hillary Stirling

Interested in: Party Chair

The United Utah Party is already doing great things - and it’s just getting started. I’ve helped the party move forward over the last three years, first by running as a Uniter for the state legislature in 2018, and then by serving on the state party level as executive director, vice-chair, and chair. My range of experiences has uniquely prepared me to build and strengthen the party as we grow toward our full potential. As Uniters - the moderates, the politically pragmatic, the centrists, the reformers - we are needed now more than ever, and I’m committed to doing all I can to amplify the voices of our Uniters and to see them elected. Thank you.


Brian L. Fabbi

Interested in: Party Treasurer

I have been a member of the party since it’s inception, I was our candidate for Utah State Auditor last year, and I have extensive accounting and financial experience.


Allyson Riding

Interested in: Secretary

I'm willing to help and like organizing and background work.


Wayne Woodfield

Interested in: Vice Chair

I am excited about the direction of the United Utah Party and would love the opportunity to take our party to the next level as a member of the executive committee. As vice chair, my priority will be to strengthen our county organizations and harness the energy of our volunteers and party members at a statewide level to bring greater awareness to the United Utah Party, and get things accomplished.


Ammon Gruwell

Interested in: Vice Chair

I am passionate about reforming our political system to make it more responsive and representative of everyday Utahns. I believe that the United Utah Party is an important voice of moderation and accountability in Utah politics and I would love to lend my voice, experience, and talents in greater measure to its cause.


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