Looking for Moderates with Passion!

Looking for Moderates with Passion!

One person told me yesterday that they had been hoping for a moderate party to form for a long time. They jumped at the chance to join the UUP when it was organized.

Considering how many people call themselves moderates (40 percent in Utah), it may seem surprising that a party like the UUP did not form long ago. It really isn’t so surprising. The problem with moderate parties is not the lack of moderates among voters. The problem is the lack of passion on the part of volunteers. While ideological conservatives or liberals become passionate for their cause, moderates tend to not to be very passionate.

That is what a moderate party must do to survive and thrive—have passionate supporters. The UUP has passionate supporters, but to be successful we need more of them. 

If you like having a choice other than the conservative on the right and the liberal on the left, go to unitedutah.org and volunteer and donate.

If you want to see government reforms to become a reality, go to unitedutah.org and volunteer and donate.

If you want candidates running who will listen to you rather than big donors, go to unitedutah.org.


Don’t let someone else do all the work. Chances are the workload will overwhelm them and they will get burned out. But if you help, we can get our work done more quickly and have a greater chance of success.

Give us help. Help the party grow so it can serve you, your children, and your grandchildren for years to come.


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