Most Utah Voters Open to Voting for United Utah Policy Candidates

The United Utah Party is barely certified and already it has the potential support of a majority of Utah voters.  According to a new poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates and commissioned by Utah Policy, 63 percent of Utah voters said they were “not very loyal to either major party and would consider voting for a qualified candidate in the [United Utah Party]."

Potential support was strongest among independent voters: 88 percent said they would consider voting for a qualified UUP candidate.  However, a majority of Democrats (55 percent) said they would do so, and a nearly half of Republicans (49 percent) said they would as well.
“This confirms what we have been saying.  A majority of Utahns are dissatisfied with the extremism of the two major parties and want an alternative,” said Richard Davis, United Utah Party chair.  “We are that alternative.”
The party’s candidate in the Third District Congressional election, Jim Bennett, is suing, along with the party, to gain a place on the November ballot.  Utah election officials blocked him from filing provisionally in the special election while state officials certified the party.  The case will be heard by U.S. District Judge David Nuffer in mid-July.
The poll found that moderate voters were the most positive towards voting for a United Utah Party candidate – 85 percent.  But the new part also received a majority of “somewhat conservative” and “somewhat liberal” Utah voters saying they would be open to voting for a UUP candidate.
“How many parties can have that broad an appeal?” Davis said.  “We believe Utah voters want something fresh and new that represents who they are rather than having to choose between the extremes of the left or right.”
About the United Utah Party
United Utah is a newly registered party within the state of Utah. Emphasizing practicality over partisanship and a moderate platform, the party is drawing support from a wide range of Utahns with different political backgrounds.