Moving Forward Amidst Uncertainty

Moving Forward Amidst Uncertainty

All of us are sailing in uncharted waters right now. That includes the United Utah Party. We are a relatively new party still attempting to build awareness and identify supporters. This election season was our big opportunity to do so.


How will this affect what voters will do with their vote decision? Will fears of the future lead voters to want dramatic change? Or will voters even pay much attention to the election when they have so many other concerns about their health and the health of their families, unemployment or possible pay cuts, and the economic situation generally? We can't blame them for being more concerned with these other matters.


Yet, elections matter. They will elect people who will set policy for the next two to four years. So, despite all of those concerns, we are going forward. We are planning events that maintain social distancing guidelines. For example, we have been conducting county conventions over the past few weeksall online.

Our state convention is tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 a.m. Please tune in. Go to and register for the convention. Join us in this historic eventthe first virtual state party convention in Utah. I will give a report on the state of the party, statewide and federal candidates will speak, and former KSL anchor Bruce Lindsay will be our keynote speaker.

You won't hear a lot of ranting and raving. You will hear practical-minded people talking about how we can and should come together to solve our problems. Nor will the convention last for hours and hours. We meet, we learn, and then we separate to go on to other things we need to do in our lives on a Saturday.


Our candidates are moving forward with their campaigns. Here are some examples of websites candidates have created. (More are coming.) Please visit them, as well as their social media presence. Offer your support, particularly to those near you!

Austin Simcox - HD 63 (Provo)

Dave Lundgren - HD 41 (Riverton, Bluffdale)

Nils Bergeson - HD 61 (Provo, Orem)

Ammon Gruwell - HD 15 (north Davis County)

Ryan Boudwin - HD 42 (southwest Salt Lake County)

Kate Walters - HD 56 (north Utah County)

Christine Heath - HD 60 (Orem)

Piper Manesse - HD 72 (Iron County)

Emily Bergeson - SD 7 (west Utah County)

Thank you for your support. We are growing as a party. This is a year when, despite all of the difficulties, we will grow much more. Voters will see that the partisan bickering is unnecessary (and quite unhelpful in a crisis) and that there is another alternative. Let's all help them see that.

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