Newsletter - Purge Pay to Play

Newsletter - Purge Pay to Play

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  • Chair's Note - Purge "Pay to Play"
  • Tasty Summer Social Coming Soon
  • The Simple Life of Extremism
  • What?  Really?
  • Young Uniters Luau
  • County Convention Plans
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Chair's Note - Purge "Pay to Play"

Recently, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce planned an "off-the-record" meeting to discuss tax reform with three legislative leaders (Speaker Brad Wilson, House Majority Leader Francis Gibson, and Senator Lyle Hilyard) and chamber members who were willing to pay a minimum of $2500 to attend.  This was not the first time the Salt Lake Chamber had done something like this.  In March, the Chamber invited businesses to attend an exclusive meeting with Inland Port Authority Board members.  The entrance fee:  $10,000.




When the Deseret News got wind of the tax reform meeting and reported on it, the denials flew fast and furious.  The Chamber spokesperson said the meeting was no different from other events where large donors give large amounts to gain access to policymakers.  One legislator said he didn't know it was a fundraiser.  Another said he thought it was just an opportunity to discuss tax reform. 

The bad publicity led to the event being cancelled.  But, this is just the tip of iceberg of the "pay to play" mentality that exists in Utah politics.  In this case, it was legislators agreeing to meet with constituents on a fee basis and hearing exclusively the perspective of the wealthiest groups and individuals.  In other cases, the money goes from the groups and large donors directly  into the re-election campaign war chests of elected officials.  While a challenger is expected to spend his or her own money or raise it from family, friends, and neighbors, incumbents have large amounts of money handed to them by interest groups seeking access and favorable legislation.


This is why campaign finance reform is so vital.   Both individuals and corporations should be limited in how much they can give to a candidate.   And no elected official should be allowed to participate in a fundraising event for a group.  Unfortunately, Utah has no such rules at the moment.  Nor is our current legislature likely to pass such legislation.

That is why we need your support. 

Please help us fight these interests and the sleazy relationships between large donors and our elected officials. 

Go to and give to a party dedicated to ending these relationships.

Help us elect statewide officials and state legislators who will end the "pay to play" mentality that permeates Utah politics.

Screen_Shot_2017-12-31_at_8.07.14_PM.png- Richard Davis, Chair

Tasty Summer Social Coming Soon

Mark the date on your calendar:  Saturday, 20 July 2019   4:00 - 6:00

Place:  Dr. O. Roi Hardy Park, 12400 River Vista Drive, Riverton


United Utah Party’s 2nd Annual Summer Social and Fundraiser is coming your way. 

We’ll share cool treats, have some fun, and help advance moderate principles for Utah, all in one great afternoon.

Come make some new friends.  Of course, families are welcome!

The Simple Life of Extremism


"The possibility of coherent community action is diminished today by the deep mutual suspicions and antagonisms among various groups in our national life.

"As these antagonisms become more intense, the pathology is much the same.... 

"The ingredients are, first, a deep conviction on the part of the group as to its own limitless virtue or the overriding sanctity of its cause; second, grave doubts concerning the moral integrity of all others; third, a chronically aggrieved feeling that power has fallen into the hands of the unworthy (that is, the hands of others)....

"Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: An excessively simple diagnosis of the world's ills and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all....

"Blind belief in one's cause and a low view of the morality of other Americans--these seem mild failings. But they are the soil in which ranker weeds take root ... terrorism, and the deep, destructive cleavages that paralyze a society."

John W. Gardner, No Easy Victories, 1969, p. 8.


What?  Really?


Immigrants pay much more in taxes than they ever take out of the tax system. This is true for both documented and undocumented immigrants. The claim that they are a drain on welfare or other resources is simply false. They are a net gain to our economy. 

To see a study supporting these facts, click here.

Young Uniters Luau

Calling all Uniters aged 35 and under!


Save the date for our Young Uniters Luau on August 24th.  

Come meet some new friends, enjoy great food, and learn how you can make a difference in Utah.

More details to follow.

County Convention Plans

United Utah will be holding county conventions this fall.  

We have five already scheduled.  More will be announced in coming weeks.  Details will be added as we get closer.    

Mark your calendars now.  

Sanpete County -- Saturday, 7 September

Davis County -- Saturday, 14 September at 10:30 -- Kaysville Library Auditorium

Washington County -- Saturday, 21 September

Weber County -- Saturday, 12 October

Utah County -- Saturday, 26 October 


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