PRESS RELEASE: Inland Port Too Expensive

PRESS RELEASE: Inland Port Too Expensive

UUP Says Inland Port Authority Bonds Too Expensive

Party calls for increased responsibility, accountability with taxpayers' money


The United Utah Party is concerned by the enormous price tag on the Utah Inland Port Authority’s new bond approval. “This is not what fiscal responsibility looks like,” says UUP Chair Hillary Stirling. “The $150 million is far too high a cost to Utah taxpayers without a guarantee of accountability in construction of the public infrastructure district.”


Furthermore, the bond process was done with a lack of transparency, denying Utah voters the chance to weigh in on how their tax dollars will be spent and to hold public officials accountable.


“The United Utah Party supports not only responsible management of tax dollars, but accountability in government,” says Stirling. The UUP presents another option for Utah voters who want their interests represented in politics.


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