The Election Window is Here!

The Election Window is Here!

It’s finally here—ballots began arriving this week! Instead of just one “Election Day,” vote by mail gives us a three-week “Election Window.” The ease, convenience, and opportunity for voters to become informed are all great reasons we as a party support vote by mail.

Every voter in the state has at least one United Utah Party candidate on their ballot: Thomas Alan Horne for State Treasurer. Many of us have more than one! Our candidates have worked hard for months, stepping up to give YOU a voice and a vote. It all comes down to now!


Now that ballot is literally in your hands. Please fill it out—making sure you vote in every single race on your ballot—and return it today. Then tell your friends how you’re voting! You might be surprised how many of them haven’t even heard of the UUP or don’t know anything about our candidates. Direct them to the UUP Candidate page so they can learn more, contact our candidates with questions, and learn why voting for a Uniter is such a great choice.

Also, please consider the candidates we endorsed: Evan McMullin for US Senate and write-in candidate Candace Jacobson for Utah County Clerk. (See additional information below.)

Voting doesn't even cost you a stamp and it’s so convenient and easy! Just don’t forget to sign and date your envelope after you’ve filled out your ballot.


You can use the USPS to mail your ballot back prior to Election Day or, if you’d like to save the county some money, you can deposit it in a drive-up ballot drop-box. (You can find the nearest ballot drop-box at Note that you must deposit your ballot in a drop-box within your home county.) You are also able to turn in your ballot in person at your local polling location on Election Day. There are also still in-person voting options—both for early voting and on November 8th.

No matter what method you use to vote, we hope you take this opportunity to let your voice be heard. Together, we can make Utah even better!


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