The Party of Moderation

The Party of Moderation

We are still early in the presidential nominating process, but U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum in the Democratic Party. Of course, President Trump will be the Republican nominee. If those are the choices for Utah voters, there will be many voters looking for an alternative because both represent the extremes of their respective parties.


I have followed Senator Sanders' career over many years. I remember when he was elected as the socialist mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1981. Over those years, I have admired Senator Sanders for his integrity and consistency. He has been true to his own beliefs and has not been associated with the scandals that plague some members of Congress.


However, his views on key issues have been on the fringe of the Democratic Party. In fact, he was not a Democrat for most of his career. He was an independent who was too far on the left for most Democrats. His lenience towards leaders of authoritarian regimes is unacceptable. His unawareness of the cost of his own social programs suggests a level of fiscal irresponsibility that is stunning.

Having said all that, President Trump is not a better alternative by any stretch. It is true that President Trump has done some good things. However, he is feeding xenophobia in the United States, which is heavily tinged with a subtle racism. His foreign policies have been disastrous to the U.S. role in the world.


President Trump is a terrible commander in chiefsending U.S. troops in an area to do a job and then pulling them out after making a deal with two dictatorsErdogan and Putin. He is taking the credit for an economic upturn. However, presidents have little role in improving the economywhether they be Clinton, Bush, Obama, or Trump. And all of that doesn't even include his sordid personal life and his significant contribution to the decline in civility in public discourse.

The two alternatives are not only alternatives of particular individuals, they also are alternatives of the two major parties. Both have become polarized. They are not the parties they used to be.


This is where the United Utah Party comes in. We are the party of reason. We are the party of moderation. We are not praising right wing nor left wing dictators. We are in favor of compassion, but we also believe that it must be matched with fiscal responsibility. We believe in civilitydisagreeing agreeably and finding good in various sides.

Help us build this new alternative in Utahand, if we can do so here, elsewhere in the nation as well. But we must show this will work on a small scale first before we can take it to a larger one.

Go to and give generously.
Go to and volunteer.
Come to our caucus on March 24 and tell others about our caucus.

Together, We Can Make Utah Even Better


Richard Davis, Chair

Coming Events at a Glance

We've got some important events coming up in the next few months, so make sure to mark these dates on your calendars.


Date Event
March 24, 2020 State-wide Party Caucuses 
March 28—April 18, 2020 UUP County Conventions
April 18, 2020 UUP State Convention
May 20, 2020 Golden Spike Lunch

See other articles below for more details. We look forward to seeing you there!

Prepare for Caucus Night!

Caucus Locations
All caucuses will be held at March 24th, 2020, at 7 pm. Be aware that this is a partial list. Other locations will be forthcoming.

Cache County:

  • Cache Co. School District Legacy Campus (2063 North 1200 East, North Logan)

Davis County:

  • Bountiful Library (725 S Main St, Bountiful) 
  • Syracuse Library (1875 S 2000 W, Syracuse)
Iron County:
  • Iron County School District Building Board Room (2077 W Royal Hunte Dr, Cedar City)
Salt Lake County:
  • Day-Riverside Salt Lake City Library (1575 W 1000 N, SLC)
  • Herriman Salt Lake County Library (5380 W, Main St, Herriman)
  • Hunter Salt Lake County Library (4740 W 4100 S, West Valley City)
  • Magna Salt Lake County Library (2675 S 8950 W, Magna)
  • Butler Elementary School (7000 S 2700 E, Cottonwood Heights)
  • Mt. Shadow Elementary School (5255 W 7000 S, West Jordan)
Sanpete County:
  • Eva Beal Auditorium in Manti City Building (50 S Main St. #1, Manti)
Tooele County:
  • Stansbury High School (5300 Aberdeen Ln, Stansbury) 
Utah County:
  • Canyon Crest Elementary School (4664 N Canyon Rd, Provo)
  • Frontier Middle School (1427 Mid Valley Road, Eagle Mountain)
  • Lakeview Elementary School (2899 W 1390 N, Provo)
  • Lehi Junior High School (700 Cedar Hollow Rd, Lehi)
  • Lone Peak High School (10189 N 4800 W, Highland)
  • Mapleton Junior High School (362 E 1200 N, Mapleton)
  • Orem Junior High School (765 N 600 W, Orem)
  • Orem High School (175 S 400 E, Orem)
  • Payson High School (1050 S Main St, Payson)
  • Pleasant Grove Junior High (810 N 100 E, Pleasant Grove)
  • Spanish Fork High School (99 N 300 W, Spanish Fork)
  • Springville High School (1205 E 900 S, Springville)
  • Wasatch Elementary School (1080 N 900 E, Provo)
  • Willowcreek Middle School (2275 W 300 N, Lehi)
 Wasatch County:
  • Wasatch High School Lecture Hall (930 500 E, Heber City)
 Weber County:
  • Weber County Library—Main Branch (2464 Jefferson Ave, Ogden)

United Utah Conventions

County Nominating Conventions

Salt Lake County Convention  
Tuesday, March 31st, at 7 p.m. 

  • Magna Salt Lake County Library (2675 S 8950 W, Magna)
Wasatch County Convention
Tuesday, April 16th, at 7 p.m.
  • Wasatch High School Lecture Hall (930 500 E, Heber City)

Weber County Convention
Saturday, April 11th, at 1 p.m.

  • Weber County Library—Main Branch (2464 Jefferson Ave, Ogden)

The times and/or locations for the following counties' conventions will be announced at a later date, but please note the dates for your calendars.

Washington County Convention
Saturday, March 28th

Iron County Convention
Saturday, March 28th

Sanpete County Convention
Wednesday, April 8th

Cache County Convention
Saturday, April 11th

Davis County Convention
Saturday, April 11th

Utah County Convention
Thursday, April 16th

State-wide Conventions
State Nominating Convention
Saturday, April 18th, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • West High School (241 N 300 W, Salt Lake City) 

Golden Spike Lunch


The UUP will award its second annual Golden Spike Award on Wednesday, May 20, at noon, in the Alta Club in Salt Lake City. More details to come soon.

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The United Utah Party is dedicated to providing and supporting moderate alternatives to the political extremes.

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