Uniting In A Common Cause

Uniting In A Common Cause

As members of the United Utah Party, we break down tribalism, find common ground, and seek understanding. These are all virtues of a Uniter. But I think there is no better expression of being a Uniter than to be united in a common cause for the good of society. We achieve our greatest heights when we are united in purpose, and all do our small part to accomplish great things. 

If everyone does their small part to limit pollution, for example, we all get to breathe cleaner air. If everyone does their civic duty and votes, we get a healthier political system. The pandemic was a proving ground for our nation’s unity, for better and for worse. Those that followed the recommendation of health and government leaders to wear a mask, social distance, and receive their vaccine probably helped to make the pandemic far less deadly than it otherwise would have been. Those that refused to do their part allowed the virus to spread, slowed our return to normalcy, and even cost some people their lives.


People often conclude that their participation or non-participation in large-scale efforts won’t make that much difference in the grand scheme of things. And in a way, they’re right. Your one vote probably did not change the outcome of an election. Your decision to wear a mask on any given day may have mattered a great deal, or maybe it didn’t. It can also be very discouraging to look around and see others that are taking advantage of our efforts, but refuse to put in any effort themselves. The old saying may come to mind: “if you can’t beat them, join them.” 

But a true Uniter doesn’t succumb to this type of selfish thinking. A true Uniter understands that our only hope of reaching our goals as a society is to each do our small part, however insignificant it may seem, and put our faith in others to do the same. It becomes a sort of “Uniter’s Golden Rule”—do what you wish all people would do.

Now that the pandemic is starting to recede from our lives, we have a new opportunity to put the lessons learned from the pandemic into practice. 


Severe drought and heat has diminished our water supply, and created a heightened fire risk. Our leaders have pleaded with everyone to conserve water. Most cities have placed specific rules around watering days and watering duration. Fire marshals have asked everyone to limit the use of fireworks and outdoor target practice, and asked us not to light campfires when we are out in the wilderness. If everyone will do their small part, and unite around these measures, we’ll have enough water to endure the drought, and our wilderness will be preserved. If people don’t, we are at risk of running out of water. More severely, it will only take a few people breaking fire safety rules to destroy scenic areas and fill our air with smoke this summer.

As Uniters, we answer the call. As voters, as environmental stewards, during the pandemic, and now, during our drought, Uniters will show up whenever we are called upon to do small and simple things for the greater good. As Uniters, we are willing to forego some of our recreational habits for the sake of fire safety. As Uniters, our brown lawns are a badge of honor in the fight to stretch out our limited supply of water. 


When you feel discouraged because those around you aren't doing their part, remember that as a member of the United Utah Party, you’re not alone. Thousands of Uniters around the state are in your corner and are grateful for your small sacrifice for all of our benefit. Your efforts are noble. I extend my personal thanks to all of you for the goodness and unselfishness you bring to the world, as you live this high principle of uniting for a common cause.


 —Wayne Woodfield, Vice Chair


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