UUP Has a Vision

UUP Has a Vision

I grew up watching 1776 and was particularly moved by “Is Anybody There?” While there’s plenty of literary license in it, I always appreciated John Adams’ well-documented vision of an America where all Americans are free. It was a lofty goal, one that we're arguably still working toward but we're undeniably closer to. His commitment, shared and treasured across generations of Americans, has allowed us to come as close as we have to realizing that vision.

And like John Adams, the United Utah Party has a vision. Some of it may be realized soon and some aspects might be a bit farther off, but we are committed to it. Parts of this vision include:
  • A Utah where no one gets 100% of the vote in November—where every race is contested and every voter has a choice and a voice.
  • A Utah that's ethical and fair, free from gerrymandering and with reforms like campaign finance limits that help bring representatives’ focus back to the people they're supposed to be representing.
  • A Utah where everyone—no matter their color, creed, ancestry, or orientation—feels welcome and is treated with human dignity.
  • A Utah where, as the old pioneer-era song says, "the clear blue sky / Arches over the vales of the free / Where the pure breezes blow and the clear streamlets flow."
  • A Utah that is truly prosperous, with a low unemployment rate AND with wages high enough to afford housing.

Making this vision a reality will require more than a nod of support.

Right now we are marching in parades all across the state. Please volunteer to walk with us and share our vision! So much of this vision requires candidates and elected officials who are Uniters. We are building toward the 2022 legislative and congressional races, and your regular monthly donation—even if it’s a small one—will allow us to better plan and support those campaigns.

When it comes to this vision, I’m all in, and I invite you to make that commitment, too.


 —Hillary Stirling, Party Chair

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