Volunteerism: Your call to adventure!

Volunteerism: Your call to adventure!

Have you ever wished for a call to adventure? In literary circles, a “call to adventure” is that exciting moment in epic stories where heroes are pulled out of their comfort zone and into the adventure that makes the story worth enjoying.

Well, here’s your call!

We have 24 candidates running throughout the state. (You can learn more about them here). Our UUP candidates are agents of hope. In these uncommon times, they stand for common-sense reforms, building on common ground, and extending common decency to our fellow Utahns and Americans. Beyond simply standing, though, they have proactively stepped forward to run for office.

But they can’t run alone.  They need you to join them on this adventure. 


Yes, YOU! 

These candidates are our champions, and they need YOU to be part of their campaign. You have no doubt stood for the “passionate moderate” principles that make us both unique and needed as a party. Thank you. Now it’s time to step forward, too.

Take a chance and go beyond just supporting a candidate with your vote. Help them now to build the momentum needed to carry them to victory in November. Now is the time to do that; by this autumn, it will be too late to start. As a Uniter and passionate moderate, what will your role be? 

  • These candidates are walking in neighborhoods throughout the state. Will you walk with them? 

  • They’d love to meet your friends and family. Will you host a house party?

  • They will have more time to campaign if volunteers take over some of the smaller tasks. Will you help out by doing things like making memes, maintaining a campaign calendar, or proofreading campaign materials?

  • They welcome and value YOUR endorsement. Will you give them one?


  • You can always go virtual, too. Will you follow them on social media and regularly share their posts?

  • They are sacrificing time and treasure to give you and so many other “passionate moderates” a voice and vote this November. Will you chip in? Even $10 per month over the course of a candidate’s campaign adds up if we all contribute. 

I encourage you to not refuse this call to political adventure!  Each and every one of us are genuinely needed if we want to see our candidates win. Reach out to one of our exciting UUP candidates and offer to help. (They can typically be reached via email, phone, website form, or social media direct messages.)  I can promise they will be grateful and enthusiastic for your support.

If you can’t decide which one to support, then I encourage you to volunteer with or donate to the party directly. We support our candidates broadly, providing training, advertising, and other services.

See you on the campaign trail!


 —Hillary Stirling, Party Chair

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