What Are We Waiting For?

What Are We Waiting For?

All eyes are on the government.

We are waiting.

For a change, or a promise, or anything that might signal movement.

It’s been two and a half weeks since the death of George Floyd. Two and a half weeks of daily protests. Gov. Gary Herbert and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox met with members of Utah’s black community to listen to their stories, and the Governor said that he wanted to see change. 

The United Utah party hopes that the Governor and the Utah Legislature will pursue change and we know that two and a half weeks isn’t a lot of time. But we also know that they have had ample time to do so already. Not just since the protests started, of course. The Governor has been in office for over 10 years now. And the Senate President and House Speaker have been in office for 11 and 9 years, respectively. They have had plenty of time to address this. As of today, the Governor has asked that Utah police no longer use choke holds, such as the one that ended George Floyd’s life. We applaud the Governor for making this change, but with the recognition that much more is needed. So, one might wonder just how much longer we need to wait for more inclusive reforms.

The United Utah Party hopes that the wait will be over soon, but would also like to remind you that the best way to affect change is at the ballot box. Here are a few of the things our candidates support: Proposed Reforms to Reduce Racism in Law Enforcement.


Black lives matter. It is time for change.

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