Why Join the United Utah Party?

Standing united, we can do anything.

Here's why some Utahns choose to stand with the United Utah Party:

The current political landscape is undeniably polarized, to the point that each side of the aisle believes the other side is their enemy. This is unacceptable. We are citizens of Utah and citizens of America, and we all have the same goal—to leave America better than we found it. We need to catch sight of this goal as Utahns and Americans if we are to persevere and progress as a country. While I agree with many facets of the party platform, the deeper drive that is pushing me to join the United Utah Party is the belief that this party is the best vehicle to restore civility, compromise, and conscience into the political discourse.

—Tucker Smith

I am really worried about how dysfunctional our political system has become. The current system encourages those who are the most angry and the least willing to compromise. People with more centrist views, who are actually the majority of voters, get drowned out. And since those holding office can’t compromise or don’t want to, we end up with the majority party trying to force through their ideas without involving the other party, and those in the minority party just trying to play obstructionists. This is no way to come up with long-term, good solutions to problems, or to encourage more citizens to get involved with the political process. I have joined the United Utah Party because centrist voters need a voice and because we need elected officials who will put the needs of the people ahead of the needs of the party. 

—Eric Smith

I joined the UUP to promote the ideas of life, liberty, and justice for all. We need to work harder to protect the rule of law, and promote religious freedom. I want to support healthy public dialogue, and to find good and honest leaders who share these American ideals.  The two major parties have failed us, in D.C. and in Utah. Both have been hijacked by extreme and hyper-partisan movements, their mainstream leaders bowing to divisive populist rhetoric. Good governance should not be about finding the Republican solution or the Democrat solution. Its about finding the solutions that work.  The UUP is not just a centrist party. It does not fit neatly into the Right-Left spectrum - which is the point. It is moderate more in its approach than in its ideology. The rule of law, good governance, and moral leadership are not partisan issues. 

—Russell Duncan 


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