Davis County Convention

Davis County Convention

Please join us Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 02:00 PM for our United Utah Party Davis County Virtual Convention! The meeting will last no more than an hour. To attend the zoom meeeting, simply click here.

During the meeting, you'll have a chance to virtually interact with fellow UUP members including Ammon Gruwell, our candidate in House District 15, and Shawn Ferriola, our candidate in House District 12.

Ammon is running against Republican incumbent Brad Wilson to represent constituents in a district covering west Kaysville, southwest Layton, and south Syracuse. Shawn is running against Republican incumbent Mike Schultz to represent parts of Clinton, Hooper, Roy, West Haven, and West Point.  So Shawn's district spans parts of both Weber and Davis Counties. Since Ammon and Shawn are the only UUP candidates running to represent us in Davis county, let's please overwhelm them with our support. Whether or not they are running to represent you personally, we all have an interest in helping them run strong campaigns.  Please contribute financially to their campaigns and sign up to help in other ways, if you're in a position to do so.  

Click here for Ammon's campaign website.  

Click here for Shawn's campaign website. 

This meeting is also an opportunity for us to fill many gaps in our county party organization. Specifically, we need to fill precinct and legislative district chair openings, and make sure those whose names are currently listed in those positions are still willing to serve in that capacity. We have done little in the past to utilize our county volunteers, but we want to change that. Please look at the county leadership chart below to see what the needs are in your area.  Please come prepared tomorrow to assume a role in our party structure.  And if you can't join us at tomorrow's meeting, but are willing to be a legislative district or precinct chair, please reach out to us via email.