Proposed Constitution of the United Utah Party


The United Utah Party believes that solutions can be found to the pressing problems of the state and nation using a pragmatic approach, finding common ground with others, and encouraging widespread public involvement in the resolution of public policy issues.  We believe in the worth of all individuals in a society and assert that engagement by all is the best means for operating a
democratic republic.  We believe one of the fundamental rights of a free society is religious freedom for all.  We seek to recruit candidates and elected officials who share these values to promote a more respectful, reasoned, and civil society in a time when those traits are missing even at the highest levels of government.

Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be the United Utah Party.

Article II -Membership

Any registered voter in Utah may join the United Utah Party.

Article III -State Organization

Section 1 -The officers of the state party shall consist of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, and secretary.

Section 2 -The state chairperson shall be responsible for executive direction of the organization
and shall be authorized, with the consent of the executive committee, to appoint such administrative staff as may be necessary.
The vice-chairperson shall be responsible for executive direction of the organization in the event the chairperson is absent or incapacitated and for such other duties as the chairperson or administrative committee may assign.

The state treasurer shall be the custodian of funds of the organization, shall make written financial reports to the administrative committee, at least four times per year, shall make a full financial report in writing at each annual state convention, and shall expend funds from the state party treasury in accordance with the directives of the executive committee.

The secretary shall be responsible for taking the minutes at the administrative committee meetings and state conventions and file the same at the state headquarters immediately after each such meeting, and shall have such other duties as the chairperson or administrative committee may assign.

The administrative staff shall maintain the records of the organization.

Section 3 -The governing body of the state party shall be the executive committee, which shall be composed of the above-named officers, as well as a representative of each congressional district, who will be appointed by the chairperson.

No member of the executive committee may be represented by proxy. If a Congressional District representative is unable to attend an administrative committee meeting, an alternate may act in place of the representative.  However, attendance includes both in person and electronic participation.

Section 4 - The executive committee shall meet at least four times per year. The state chairperson may call meetings outside of the regularly scheduled meetings when circumstances require. The state chairperson may change the date of a regularly scheduled meeting if necessary to accommodate activates that are beneficial to the state party. At least five days electronic written notice shall be given to all members for any meeting.

Section 5 -The executive committee by a majority vote at any meeting may determine the rules of its own proceedings, set policy for the orderly conduct of party business, authorize expenditures in the interests of the party, adopt resolutions and take positions on issues of concern, determine membership classification and shall provide for an annual audit of the financial records of the party.

Section 6 -The executive committee by a two-thirds vote at any of its regularly scheduled meetings may adopt, add to, or amend By-laws, which By-laws shall be not inconsistent with the provisions of this constitution. Such By-laws shall be published along with and at the end of this constitution and be available to the membership of the party.

Section 7 -There shall be an annual state convention at such time and place as the state executive committee shall determine during the months of April or May of each calendar year, or, if necessary, at an alternative time the executive committee determines based on the State’s electoral deadline for the nomination of candidates during the given year.  Any voter registered as a member of the United Utah Party is automatically considered a delegate to the annual convention.  Notice of conventions shall be made as provided in the By- laws.  Notice of the results of convention decisions, including election of officers, will be placed on the party website within seven days of the convention.

Section 8 -The state chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary shall be elected to a two-year term each odd-numbered year at the regular state organizing convention. Each shall hold office until the next organizing convention two years hence. The election of officers of the executive committee shall be conducted by the executive committee.  However, no officer of the executive committee who is running for re-election in a contested election may participate in election planning.  

Section 9 -In the event of a vacancy in any position on the executive committee ordinarily filled by election at a state convention, the following steps shall be followed to provide for a successor to serve until the next annual state convention, at which time the vacancy shall be filled by election to serve the balance of the term. No vacancy by voluntary resignation shall occur until a letter of resignation is received by state headquarters.

a. In the event of a vacancy in the Chair position, the Vice Chair shall automatically assume the position of the Chair until the next annual state convention, at which time there shall be an election to serve the balance of the term.  

b. In the event of a vacancy in any other position normally elected by the state convention, the executive committee shall elect a successor to serve until the next annual state convention, at which time the vacancy shall be filled by election to serve the balance of the term.

Section 10 - All executive committee members shall be current members of the Party and shall vacate such office immediately upon loss of or termination of party membership. Members of all committees and all officers of county units and congressional district units must be current members of the United Utah Party and must vacate that office immediately upon loss or termination of Party membership, after (10) days written notice from the chair of the unit in question.

Section 11 – The administrative committee may create other committees to fulfill certain functions in the party.  The members and chairs of these committees shall be appointed by the chairperson.

Section 12 – One member of the executive committee will be designated by the chairperson to serve as a liaison with the Lt. Governor’s office, as well as with each county legislative body.

Section 13 - The Party may publish an official party platform, which articulates the values and certain positions held by the Party as a whole. In principle, the Party will seek a platform that is minimalist in its approach to holding positions on specific policy issues or legislative approaches. The party platform should focus more on principles rather than specific positions whenever feasible.

No party member will be required to endorse the platform, and no political loyalty tests, or anything resembling one, may be enacted on party members or candidates by party leadership.

Any official Party platform published must be approved by party delegates during the state convention.

Proposed changes to the party platform must be submitted to the executive committee at least 30 days prior to the state convention.  In order for a platform change to be approved by the executive committee for transmission to the state convention delegates, it must be proposed by at least 40 registered party members.  

Any such proposed changes will be published by the Party prior to the state convention in order to give delegates ample time to consider the revisions before casting their vote at the convention.

On odd-numbered years, the State Party Chair will convene a platform revision committee at least three months prior to the anticipated state convention. Together with the State Chair, this committee will establish a transparent and inclusive process for soliciting proposed changes or alterations to the platform, which will in turn become recommendations for platform changes to be presented for sustaining vote at the state convention. Recommendations made by the platform revision committee must be supported by 2/3 of the committee in order to be presented at the state convention.

In order for any proposed change to the platform to be enacted after the state convention, whether proposed by the platform revision committee or with the endorsement of at least 40 registered party members, two-thirds (66.67%) of delegates present at the convention must vote in favor of the proposed platform change.

If the proposed platform revision is presented with endorsement of 40 registered party members, then delegates will be given three options: yea, nay, or defer to the next platform revision committee. While two-thirds will still be needed to sustain any platform change, if a simple majority of voters support referring the proposed revision to the platform revision committee, then that committee will consider the proposed change and present it in some form during the subsequent odd-numbered year’s convention.

ARTICLE IV- County Organization

Section 1 -The basic unit or organization of the United Utah Party shall be the county unit, and the administrative committee shall issue charters to such units at its discretion. However, as a new party, county parties may be organized gradually.  The executive committee may organize a region of the party rather than a county on a temporary basis until the organization of county parties.

Section 2 -Each county shall submit a constitution governing for approval by the executive committee. For new counties, constitutions must be approved prior to the issuance of a charter. Any changes in county constitutions after initial approval shall become effective only after approval by the standing constitution committee. Such approval must be given unless such county constitution or change is in conflict with this constitution. Each county constitution shall be printed or duplicated and copies with amendments shall be available to members of each county.

Section 3 -The officers of each county shall include a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and  treasurer. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be held by the same person. Counties may provide for additional officers. Officers of a county shall be elected for a term of two years. The election shall be held between September 1 and November 30 of an odd-numbered year during an annual convention of the county party organization. Reasonable written notice of at least ten days of such election meeting must be given by the secretary of each county to the state headquarters.. At each county convention only members of the United Utah Party shall be eligible to vote. In the event that the chairperson of the county shall fail to call such an election meeting within the period specified herein, the state chairperson shall be authorized to call such an election meeting as soon as practicable provided always that the provisions of this section with respect to notice shall be observed.

Section 4 -The fundamental responsibilities of each county shall be to develop the fullest possible membership in the county, to hold regularly scheduled meetings, to encourage candidates for elective office, to form and maintain an effective campaign organization, and to promote the general interests of the party.

Section 5- The executive committee may, in its discretion, suspend or revoke a charter or take such other action as it may deem appropriate, if it finds that the officers or members of an existing county are clearly failing or refusing to perform the functions for which the county is responsible. No county charter shall be revoked or suspended until and unless the officers of said county shall be given an opportunity to appear at a meeting of the administrative committee.

ARTICLE V- Amendments
Section 1 -This constitution shall be amended by the concurrence of two-thirds of the delegates at a regularly called annual state convention of the United Utah Party.

Section 2 -Proposals for amending this constitution shall be submitted in writing to the executive committee at least 20 days before an annual state convention.  Proposals that are adopted by the executive committee or those that are received from at least 50 delegates will be published electronically on the party’s website at least 7 days before the convention and then voted on by
the delegates at the convention.

All amendments to the state constitution shall follow this procedure.