Why a new party?

Utah needs a new political party because:

  • The old parties created the current problems.

  • The old parties serve their party establishments rather than serving the people of Utah.

  • The old parties practice extreme partisan politics, instead of searching for solutions.

The citizens of Utah deserve a party that:

  • Does not carry the baggage of past partisan politics.

  • Advocates for change to better serve the people of Utah, not the political parties.

  • Looks for new solutions while maintaining traditional values.

What Does This New Party Stand for?

We believe politics should represent ordinary citizens more than politicians.  We support the following:

  • Term limits for public officials

  • Non-partisan elections for school board, county offices, and the state attorney general

  • An independent redistricting commission to prevent the legislature from gerrymandering

  • Stricter campaign finance limits

  • Increased funding to fix our state’s schools, especially to lower class sizes

  • A simpler, fairer tax system that requires a fair share to be paid by all.

How is this Party Different from Republicans or Democrats?

  • We believe in achieving results and finding practical solutions rather than continuing partisan gridlock and pushing extreme agendas.

  • Bringing together Republicans who worry their party is becoming too right wing and Democrats who believe the same about their party, but from the left.

  • Reaching out to independents who have not felt either party represents their more moderate, less extreme views.

  • Not putting strict litmus tests on candidates or requiring members to adopt extreme positions to feel like they belong to the party.