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Summer Parades

The UUP is full steam ahead all summer long! Our parade float is busy all over the state. Come walk alongside it in a parade and hand out candy! We'll also have booths at various festivals where you can help with flyers and candidates, as well as canvassing events to spread the word about our candidates and party.

These are all great ways to get involved, make a difference in your community, and get to know fellow Uniters and UUP candidates. We need your help!

To find upcoming parades and events near you, click the Events button below. To let us know how you are interested in helping out, click the Volunteer button.

Full Steam Ahead!


Paid Internship

This position is perfect for college students looking to build up their resume and learn a plethora of technical skills that can be useful in many different careers, especially careers in the political world. It's a great opportunity and safe place to learn and make yourself more valuable to future potential employers. Most importantly, there's always room for growth. The more you want to do, the more you can do for the party. This is not a “coffee-fetching” type of internship, you will actively be doing things that directly help with the party’s many goals.

In addition, working in this position means that you will be working directly with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the party, and be part of the bi-weekly executive committee meetings. This means that through osmosis, and direct learning, you'll be introduced to a variety of political soft skills that are a vital part of building relationships in the public and private sector, skills that you only learn by doing.


  • Working with Nation Builder (A program you'll likely use again in anything involving politics, campaigns, or any type of organization that requires supporters to be successful).
  • Drafting and sending email blasts to supporters.
  • Being available to answer the party phone (Callers range from people considering joining the party, to reporters asking for interviews, to potential candidates wanting to affiliate with us).
  • Staffing the office.
  • Mailing merch.
  • Reserving venues.
  • Format spreadsheets.
  • Making calls on behalf of the party.
  • Aid in organizing and setting up events such as parades, caucus meetings, county conventions, and state-wide events.
  • Help with anything else that may come up.

Learning opportunities:

  • Learn about organizing and growing a grassroots organization.
  • Become familiar with the organization, purpose, and process of a political party.
  • Learn and observe skills in communicating with others, especially with people in the public sector.
  • Front row seats for when politically significant events and changes happen.

Note: It is not a requirement to be registered with the party to be accepted for this position

We are looking to fill this position sooner than later, so please contact us ASAP if you are interested: hsti[email protected] 385-325-1620

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