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Call to Convention

This year, our state convention will be held virtually via Zoom. All Uniters are invited to participate in our conventions as delegates. Our conventions are also open to observers. However, we do ask that delegates and observers RSVP and register so that we can accommodate all who would like to attend.

Amendments to the Party Platform and the United Utah Party Constitution

Delegates at the state organizing convention will vote on amendments to our governing documents. We encourage delegates to review the proposed changes to the Constitution for the United Utah Party and the Party Platform so they can cast an informed vote.

Candidates for Party Office

As part of our state organizing convention, we will elect our state party officers of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Candidate profiles are available here.


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A Concrete Step Toward Unity

As Uniters, we are passionate moderates. While that might seem like a contradiction in terms, it’s true, and we’re needed now more than ever! We don’t get excited about extreme political positions; we get energized by the reforms that will bring us together and that will bring the government back...

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Spread Light

Over these last two weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a Uniter. I’ve also thought a lot about what it means to be the leader of a political party—to be a partisan—in a time when hyper-partisanship is poisoning our nation. One of my conclusions...

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Reflections on the Past Four Years

About four years ago, a small group of people began talking about the possibility of forming a new party. We held several meetings in early 2017 in various parts of the state to involve more and more people. Eventually, we formed a political action committee and then, in late spring,...

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Our Mission

The United Utah Party unites all who want to end the extreme partisanship that has corrupted our political conversation. We focus on practical solutions based on common sense and common ground. We are the voice for Utah's Uniters.

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