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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our convention last Saturday! From the speakers to our generous donors to behind-the-scenes tech support, so many people contributed to make it a success. And of course, our delegates lived up the name of Uniters and made the experience a great one for us all.

In a first for our growing party, we had a contested race for state leadership. Both Ammon Gruwell and Wayne Woodfield stepped up and ran for the position of vice-chair. We were pleased to have two great candidates, and Wayne Woodfield won. I will continue as chair, so Wayne will be serving as vice-chair alongside Brian Fabbi as state party treasurer and Allyson Riding as state party secretary. I’m thrilled to have such a great team going forward. I’m also deeply grateful for the service offered by our former party officers Jim Bennett, David Bateman, and Deon Turley.

Delegates at the state organizing convention will vote on amendments to our governing documents. We encourage delegates to review the proposed changes to the Constitution for the United Utah Party and the Party Platform so they can cast an informed vote.

The proposed amendment to the party constitution was narrowly voted down and will be reconsidered based on feedback from the delegates. The proposed amendments to the platform passed unanimously.

By number of votes, the American Bison/Buffalo was the clear winner, but by dollars raised, the Honeybee narrowly won over the Buffalo. The fundraiser was non-binding, though, and our mascot is still to be officially decided. The conversation about mascots is continuing on Canonizer’s website.

I’m personally grateful for everyone who is helping to lift this party and with it the whole state.

Together, let’s build a better Utah!

—Hillary Stirling, Chair See Less Candidate profiles are available here.


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The United Utah Party unites all who want to end the extreme partisanship that has corrupted our political conversation. We focus on practical solutions based on common sense and common ground. We are the voice for Utah's Uniters.

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