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  • United Utah Party Statement on Conviction of Former President Trump

    The conviction of former President Donald Trump brought predictable responses from the two major parties.  Republicans claim that the trial and our entire justice system are “shams,”[1] but of course the justice system is not a sham to Republicans when the 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court (that they engineered by denying a hearing to President Obama’s nominee) rules in their favor.  Democrats are gleefully plotting how they can use this conviction to campaign against their arch nemesis[2] while glossing over the fact that the prosecuting attorney appears to have campaigned for election on the idea that he would prosecute Donald Trump[3] and used novel legal theories to raise the charges from misdemeanors to felonies[4].  Recent rhetoric from both parties, and particularly from prominent Republicans under former President Trump's influence, has been to undermine the historic and sacred institutions that form the bedrock of our democracy - a fair and impartial judicial system, free and fair elections, and the peaceful transfer of power. 

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  • published 2024 Proposed Platform Revisions in Newsfeed 2024-04-15 14:42:49 -0600

    2024 Proposed Platform Revisions

    The preamble of the United Utah Party platform reads, in part, “This platform is a statement of the principles that unite us, not necessarily an enumeration of policy positions.” As a party, our goal has always been to bring people together in “good will and good faith.” Our platform should serve that same purpose.

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  • published A Successful 2024 Caucus Night in Newsfeed 2024-03-30 13:25:21 -0600

    A Successful 2024 Caucus Night

    Thank you to all of the Uniters and friends who helped us make the 2024 United Utah Caucus so successful. Between our virtual caucus and our eight in-person locations, we had hundreds of people join us to learn more about how we can work together to promote positive change in Utah politics.

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  • published Learn More 2024-01-08 10:07:10 -0700

    Learn More

    What does the United Utah Party stand for?


    We believe in the importance of the 5 E's:

    Economy: We support the free market system as the engine for economic growth. Public policy must promote economic opportunity for all, regardless of social and economic class.

    Education: We support robust and accountable funding for public education in order to promote economic growth and prepare students to thrive in a changing world.

    Environment: We advocate for responsible stewardship of Utah’s natural resources over the long term, especially with respect to our air and water.

    Equality: We support laws that provide protection against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Every individual is of inherent worth, deserves respect, and has a right to participate fully in our shared political and economic life.

    Ethical Government: We believe elected officials should act with integrity, uphold their oath of office, seek common ground on policy, and be accountable to their constituents rather than their political party.

    We call for greater transparency in governance and support electoral reforms that encourage voter participation and better reflect the public will.


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  • An Open Letter to UUP Supporters From Wayne Woodfield, Former Vice Chair

    This coming year is likely to be a growth year for the United Utah Party as we expect to welcome a large number of new party members that are looking for a change. Those in power know this, they don't like being held accountable, and they would love for our party to fail, but each year we keep coming back stronger. This year, however, our political opponents in positions of power have found a new way to attack small parties, including the UUP, threatening our ballot access and our ability to run candidates. We need your help to make sure that they do not succeed!


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  • published Lessons from Running for Office in Newsfeed 2023-11-28 15:28:19 -0700

    Lessons from Running for Office


    In February 2022, I filed to run as the United Utah Party candidate for Utah Senate 28, a sprawling district that covers all of Iron and Beaver Counties, as well as parts of Juab, Millard, and Washington Counties. There are a lot of reasons that I made that decision. But for the purposes of today, I want to share three things I learned from the experience. 

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