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What does the United Utah Party stand for?


We believe in the importance of the 5 E's:

Economy: We support the free market system as the engine for economic growth. Public policy must promote economic opportunity for all, regardless of social and economic class.

Education: We support robust and accountable funding for public education in order to promote economic growth and prepare students to thrive in a changing world.

Environment: We advocate for responsible stewardship of Utah’s natural resources over the long term, especially with respect to our air and water.

Equality: We support laws that provide protection against discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Every individual is of inherent worth, deserves respect, and has a right to participate fully in our shared political and economic life.

Ethical Government: We believe elected officials should act with integrity, uphold their oath of office, seek common ground on policy, and be accountable to their constituents rather than their political party.

We call for greater transparency in governance and support electoral reforms that encourage voter participation and better reflect the public will.


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