2024 Proposed Platform Revisions

2024 Proposed Platform Revisions

The preamble of the United Utah Party platform reads, in part, “This platform is a statement of the principles that unite us, not necessarily an enumeration of policy positions.” As a party, our goal has always been to bring people together in “good will and good faith.” Our platform should serve that same purpose.

The party platform is designed to be a living document that is reviewed and revised every other year, following procedures outlined in our party bylaws.

Because of extensive feedback during and after the 2023 state convention, the executive committee made the decisions to bring the platform up for review a year early.

A platform committee was convened in January 2024 and feedback was solicited from party members. The committee then reviewed that feedback, made suggestions, and sent a revised platform to the executive committee.

We want to thank everyone who provided feedback to the committee. While not every suggestion ended up in the proposed platform, they were all reviewed and considered.

Overview of Changes

1. Re-organization: Many of the paragraphs from the 2023 platform were re-ordered without making significant changes. This was done to provide more logical groupings for the outlined principles.

2. Grammar and word usage: Minor changes were made to some paragraphs in order to improve clarity and maintain grammatical consistency.

3. Elaboration: Additional language was added to several paragraphs in order to better explain our approach.

4. Principal-based language: As stated above, our platform is meant to be a statement of principles and not policy positions. In order to keep with that mission, some language was removed and other language added to clarify the party’s approach to social issues.

A copy of the proposed platform can be viewed here. The most impactful revisions and additions have been highlighted for your convenience.

Qualified delegates, meaning anyone who is currently a registered member of the United Utah Party, will have the opportunity to vote to either approve or reject these changes as part of the business of the 2024 United Utah Party convention on April 20th at Hillcrest High School. 

To pre-register and reserve your ballot, please complete the pre-registration form: https://forms.gle/BWUJ8LNECG29AeH87

No additional changes will be considered until a new platform committee is convened in January 2025 and the process returns to an every-other-year schedule. If you are interested in serving on a future platform committee, let us know and we will add you to a list of potential committee members.

See you at the convention!

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