Platform Input Request

Platform Input Request


On April 29th, we’ll be voting on the party platform at the UUP convention. Ahead of that, we’re deliberating on possible edits and updates. To make this process transparent and responsive, we are requesting input from all those interested in the future of the party. If there are questions or issues you think the platform should address, please send that feedback to [email protected].

As you consider input you’d like to give please keep in mind the following guidelines:

The UUP is focused on the process by which our laws are made. We believe that good government requires transparency, fairness, and a robust and civil debate. We believe that public policy should ultimately reflect the will of the people. We don’t require candidates or members to agree on all important issues. That’s why we don’t, as a party, take rigid sides on most issues. Candidates can take sides, members should too, but the party doesn’t have a litmus test.

The UUP is not ideological. We ask instead that people come to the political process with good will and good faith. Being a Uniter means doing the listening and the hard work required to find common ground. We persuade when we can, extend a hand of friendship when we cannot, and we respect the voice of the people either way.

That is what sets us apart from all other political parties. Edits and updates to our platform must reflect this focus.

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