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    Executive Committee Candidate Declaration Form

    For more information about State Executive Committee Officer roles and responsibilities, click here

    To submit an application for one of the State Executive Committee Offices, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

    Below we will frequently update and provide information regarding candidates who have declared candidacy. For those interested, you are welcome to visit this page frequently to get the most current information. 

    State Party Chair Candidates:

    Richard Davis

    State Party Vice Chair Candidates:

    Hillary Stirling 

    State Party Secretary Candidates:

    Deon Turley

    State Party Treasurer Candidates:

    (Last updated: March 21, 2019)

    If you have any questions feel free to contact United Utah's Administrative Assistant.

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  • published Platform Input Request in Newsfeed 2019-02-13 20:24:35 -0700

    Platform Input Request


    On May 4, we’ll be voting on the party platform at the UUP convention. Ahead of that, we’re deliberating on possible edits and updates. To make this process transparent and responsive, we are requesting input from all those interested in the future of the party. If there are questions or issues you think the platform should address, please send that feedback to

    As you consider input you’d like to give please keep in mind the following guidelines:

    The UUP is focused on the process by which our laws are made. We believe that good government requires transparency, fairness, and a robust and civil debate. We believe that public policy should ultimately reflect the will of the people. We don’t require candidates or members to agree on all important issues. That’s why we don’t, as a party, take rigid sides on most issues. Candidates can take sides, members should too, but the party doesn’t have a litmus test.

    The UUP is not ideological. We ask instead that people come to the political process with good will and good faith. Being a Uniter means doing the listening and the hard work required to find common ground. We persuade when we can, extend a hand of friendship when we cannot, and we respect the voice of the people either way.

    That is what sets us apart from all other political parties. Edits and updates to our platform must reflect this focus.

  • signed Immigration Petition July 2018 2018-06-22 11:45:04 -0600

    Immigration Petition July 2018

    92 signatures

    Dear Utah Congressional delegation:

    We, the undersigned, call on the Trump administration and Congress to pass legislation that will correct the current policies of the Trump administration regarding immigration.   Through President Trump's executive order of June 20, 2018, the misguided family separation policy has been ended for future detainees, but there is no provision for a change of status of those currently held.   And the executive order still treats asylum seekers as criminals by imposing a penalty of imprisonment for those who present themselves to immigration authorities without proper documentation.  

    We call on you to work in Congress to pass legislation and urge President Trump to sign such legislation that will:

    Make it illegal in perpetuity to separate children from their parents when crossing the border. 

    Provide adequate resources to reunite families that have been torn apart by the recent policy.

    Remove the provision of automatic imprisonment of asylum seekers. 

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  • published First Ever? in Newsfeed 2017-09-01 13:38:41 -0600

    First Ever?


    In today's Deseret News, Lisa Riley Roche wonders whether Jim Bennett will be the first ever 3rd party candidate to make the cut for a Utah Debate Commission debate.

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  • published Party Platform in About Us 2017-06-26 16:05:52 -0600



    *Questions about our platform? Please read the excerpt below the platform, and/or feel free to contact us at





    The United Utah Party believes that solutions can be found to the pressing problems of the state and nation using a pragmatic approach, finding common ground with others, and encouraging widespread public involvement in the resolution of public policy issues.  We believe in the worth of all individuals in a society and assert that engagement by all is the best means for operating a democratic republic.  We believe one of the fundamental rights of a free society is religious freedom for all.  We seek to recruit candidates and elected officials who share these values to promote a more respectful, reasoned, and civil society in a time when those traits are missing even at the highest levels of government.

    Economic Growth Preserving the free market system as the engine for future economic growth.  However, such economic growth must “raise all boats” and therefore public policy must promote economic opportunity for all, regardless of social and economic class.

    Education Supporting increased funding for and reform of public education as a vehicle for creating good citizens, preparing Utahns for the future, and improving the economic prospects of all Utah citizens. Favoring significant education funding increases along with accountability from Utah’s education system for its role in educating Utah’s future generations.

    Environmental Stewardship Advocating the importance of human stewardship over Utah’s environment that conserves natural resources, promotes renewable energy, and leads to clean air and water to sustain and improve human life.

    Faith Protecting the role of religious belief in public life as well as the constitutional right to free exercise of religious expression for all.

    Family Supporting the family as the traditional unit of society and upholding the sanctity of human life that includes opposition to abortion except in cases such as the life of the mother or serious damage to the health of the mother, fatal fetal deformities, rape, or incest.

    Government Reform Promoting government reform that furthers greater responsiveness, accountability, and transparency.  This includes greater transparency of proposed bills, open legislative caucus meetings, ethics reform, open primary elections, term limits, campaign finance limits, more non-partisan elections, and independent redistricting.

    Immigration Endorsing federal action that creates an immigration system that respects the sanctity and dignity of families while enforcing the law.

    Second Amendment Endorsing the right of Utahns to possess firearms, as well as regulations that limit firearm possession in the hands of those who would use them irresponsibly.

    Taxes and Regulations Supporting a simpler tax system that minimizes loopholes, reduces negative effects on working class families, and demands a fair share be paid by all regardless of wealth. This also includes instituting a regular review of government regulations to assess their continued value in a changing society.





    The above is the initial party platform accepted by our first party delegates after we were formed in 2017. We receive a number of questions concerning our platform. As a new party, it's not uncommon for people to say "what do you stand for?" This platform is where we point them.

    Of course, as people learn about us for the first time, there are still naturally a lot of questions about us. "What about XYZ issue?" or "why don't you have more detail about ABC issue?"

    These are great questions, and we have more than one answer for them.

    First of all, unlike other parties, we are not strictly ideological. This means that we aren't trying to put ourselves out there as a "conservative" party or a "liberal party," or even a "centrist party" for that matter. We want to be something else entirely. As you can see from the issues above, some might sound closer to a conservative view. Some might sound more progressive. Others apply to those on both sides of the aisle.

    One of the key tenants of our party is that we don't require our candidates or our members to agree 100% with everything we've supported as a party. No party should be that, and our party constitution rejects the concept of partisan or ideological litmus tests. We believe as being as open and inclusive as possible to conservative, progressive, and centrist views, and therefore don't consider ourselves to be a party that fits neatly on that "left-right" ideological continuum.

    Instead, we are a party that focuses more on the way that we approach government, rather than pushing for specific views. That is why most of our platform points below are more general principles, rather than a specific solution to addressing the issue.

    We believe that first and foremost, any issue that is going to be addressed needs a diversity of ideas. Most solutions are multi-faceted, and the context for solving an issue can change with that time.

    So there you have it. Whatever your political views might be, we hope that you'll find space within our party. As long as you believe that working together with others to solve problems, even when they don't believe exactly the same as you do, then this is the party for you.