2023 Convention Fundraiser

Welcome to our Fundraiser for the 2023 State Convention!


Last year, you helped us choose your favorite slogans for candidate billboards. This year, we've taken some of those favorite slogans and added a few more. Now we need your help to narrow them down to your top 3 favorites to turn them into bumper stickers. (Those bumper stickers will be available for purchase at our county and regional conventions this fall.)


As in previous years, we've set up a donation page for each slogan. Just donate to the "campaign funds" of your favorite slogan to let us know which one you prefer. Have more than one favorite? Feel free to donate to more than one!


Some generous Uniters have offered to match any donations raised today, including from this fundraiser (up to $15,000). So double your donation, and help us choose the next generation of UUP Bumper Stickers!


Two Ways to Donate:

We offer two ways to donate. You can click on one of the links below or use Venmo, where our username is @UnitedUtahParty. (Be sure to mention your preferred slogan in the "What's it for?" section on Venmo.)


The Slogans:

Mainstream, Not Extreme

Meet Utah's Radical Moderates

Don't Settle for the Lesser of Two Evils

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

We Don't Unfriend People Who Disagree

Tired of Fighting About Politics?

Come Together

The Middle Matters

Let's Make Utah Better Together

Moderate, Not Militant

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