Chair's Note - Touring and Recruiting

Chair's Note - Touring and Recruiting


I went to Logan recently to speak to a town hall and a house party. It was great to meet a group of Cache County residents who are interested in forming a party organization there and bringing the United Utah Party to Logan.   I was told that soon after our meetings, two participants went and immediately re-registered as United Utah Party members!

We had a great meeting in Bountiful where I met with Davis County residents who are starting to form a strong Davis County group too.  Looking ahead at our calendar, we have two more events planned for February in Fruit Heights and Highland.  There will be more.  Please look for them on our website, on Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter.  Please tell your friends so they can learn more about the United Utah Party.

We are recruiting candidates to run for office.  Announcements will be coming in February.  If you have interest in running, please contact me - [email protected].   We need candidates who will use a race as an opportunity to explain what the United Utah Party is, why it is necessary today, and what our candidates will do differently while in office.  This includes seeking practical and not partisan solutions, drawing good ideas from all sides, getting things done rather than continually arguing, and advocating reform of our political system to tilt our politics back towards the citizens and not so much towards the politicians.

Politicians should do our bidding and not the other way around.  Yet, the lack of term limits, coupled with heavy incumbent advantage in money and media coverage, allows incumbents to decide when to leave. A lack of campaign finance limits makes them dependent on large donors (many not even in their district or even Utah) rather than having to seek donations from less well-heeled constituents.  And the lack of an independent redistricting commission means they get to choose their constituents for their own partisan purposes and, thus, dilute our power as voters. 

If you are unhappy with all of that and would like to stand up and make a difference, contact me and let's talk about the prospect of running. 

The United Utah Party is growing.  We will make a splash in the 2018 elections and, with your help, place some people in office and begin to make the difference in politics that is so much needed in our state and our nation.

Help us by volunteering or donating at  Be the difference we need today!

- Richard Davis