First Parade of the Season

First Parade of the Season

The United Utah Party was in its first parade of the season last Saturday.  Orem Summerfest's grand parade included 100 entries, but I think ours was the best.  Special thanks to Hillary and Del Stirling who created the design, bought the materials, and built most of the float.  Thanks also to Diane and Larry Knight for donating the trailer for the season.  And thanks as well to those who came one or two Saturdays to help construct the float and/or walked the parade route or became an actor on the float.

I handed out literature to the thousands of people sitting or standing on the side of the road watching the parade.  I gently tiptoed over blankets and reached over lawn chairs.  I even had little helpers volunteer on the spot to help deliver flyers about the United Utah Party.   Nearly all graciously accepted the offering.  Some even requested the flyer!  I am guessing the float's signage piqued their interest and here was the opportunity to learn more.  

Many people want what we are giving them.  It's not just the flyer, but the opportunity to have another alternative besides the less pleasant choices of extremist Republicans and Democrats.  They want change.  They just don't know where to find it.  We are providing it for them.  We just need to tell them so they'll know.

There will be more parades.  A list of upcoming parades can be found here (under the "Events" tab).  Please join the group riding on the float in costume or handing out fliers or other goodies to those lining the parade routes.  People will thank you - literally - for giving them a flyer.  But as they realize they don't have to continue to make a painful choice, but can go for candidates who are practical and not partisan, they will really thank you.

These events are amazing, can reach lots of people, but the costs can certainly add up.   There is a fee to get in the parade, float materials, and flyers and candy to distribute at these events.  If you can't volunteer to help in any of the parades, consider making a donation to help cover some of these costs.  You'd be amazed how much your dollars will help in informing fellow voters about who we are and how different we are from either the Republicans or the Democrats.  Go to  And THANK YOU!