Fixing Immigration Without Party Ties


I attended the Republican candidate debate for US Senate earlier this week. During the debate, Mitt Romney lamented the fact that when he was running for president over ten years ago immigration needed to be fixed. And today it still needs to be fixed.


That is true, particularly as Americans read about immigration officials separating families at the border and misplacing immigrant children and as the president seeks to solve the problem by building a wall that Mexico will pay for. The Trump administration, which has halved legal immigration into the US, has not solved the immigration crisis through anti-immigrant rhetoric or programs.
The reality is that over the past 10 years neither major party has resolved immigration. Yet, they have had plenty of opportunity. During that period, both parties took their respective turns at controlling the White House and both houses of Congress. Yet, they could not solve immigration.
Perhaps it is time to try a new approach - representatives who are not tied to either major party, representatives who are not wedded to the failed solutions of the past, representatives who don’t carry the partisan and ideological baggage of extremism.
Perhaps it is time for the United Utah Party!